Thank God I Took After My Father!!

Yeah we may be seen as ****** but in reality were realist. Im not ashamed to say that
if it was necessary to save a life, id end my mothers. All my life till i was 11 me an my
siblings got treated like extras at the photo shoot. it was so bad that i didnt know it was
unnatural. I didnt know that most people dont sit at the table after making their own breakfast
for there brother an sisters when they were 8 before school while my mother smoked an did lines on her precious
little mirror. Ive been working since i was 6, and it was natural for me.She has told me at the table over a dinner that i made,
that me, my little sister, brother were suppose to be aborted but they kept changing the price on her evertimie
she would go.   Ive had to go shopping by catching a few buses
just to have food cuz she wouldnt take time to buy them. instead shed take the food stamps an sell them for her
drugs. some how she managed to taint my credit score for a bit. Who does that?! Then they wonder
why i  cant stand being around people, why im so quick to dis-own my blood. They wonder
why im always wanting to hurt somebody. Im glad i have control but its so depressing that i dont know
how i should love someone. Ive taken care of myself for the longest time. Now that im in foster care thats who
"they" is. just to clear that up. I dont like my father much either cuz hes with this dumba$$. but somethings better
than nothing. they tought me how to be cruel at some points. but also how not to be. my kids will never know this
kind of behavior.
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I am so sorry youve had to go through all of that...i had a rough childhood too...i was homeless, molested by my dad's friends at 12 and 13, who would come dad was a druggy and a drug seller...i understand...but if you can stand back on your own 2 feet after being "knocked down" like your past experiences, you truly are resilient my friend...this will make you a strong adult i promise you...only advise i can give you is to let you know that not everyone in the world are as cruel, selfish, and horrid as the adults that have done this to you...don't make others pay for what your mother and others have done to you...if you do take it out on others that means that your mother and others that have done you wrong have control over you still and they "win"...don't let them keep that power and over come will be hard at points i understand that and if you ever need anyone to talk to you can always email me here...