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Mom Why You Gotta Be So Mean

My mother has no idea how i feel after all the crap she has said to my face. She actually makes me cry myself to sleep at night. I cant live with this crap anymore and i just wish it would stop. She is so annoying and one day she will be proud to hear me and look at me but it will be too late. I cant wait until i can leave her *** and just leave and be as far away as possible from her she just makes me think why am i here. I cant live with this crap over and over for days she doesn't talk to me always pushing and saying things that a kind and caring mom would not say ever or think i hat her i cant live like this. Some one just make it stop.
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People who say "try to respect her, she's still your mom" obviously have no idea what it's like to have a parent that basically despises you. I relate to you incredibly. My mom has saidand done such bitter things to me that no normal mother would ever say. All I'm saying, is it gets to a point where all the screwed up things your mom says, gets beyond the personal level. For me, I lost all respect for my mom when I started veiwing her in a non personal, unbiased, third person view. It's basically at the point u know it's not just the toxic relationship she makes you endure, it's just her and how she is. For example, in middle school she told me she hopes i become slutty and get knocked up in high school. Idk, I guess me and my older brothers were a downfall in her life ,so she was just wishing me the same "misfortune".On a personal view, that made me cry a lot back in the day because hey that's my mom saying that and hoping dis fortune for me. But Now, from a woman to a woman, I find it is cheap and disgusting for a mother to ever say that, or any of the other things she's said and done, to a daughter. That's why there's no respect. I don't care who you are, if ur a mother and get a high from tearing down your children, you are a horse **** eater. There's no "trying to respect" someone like that. If you have sh!tty people in your life, do not feel guilty to remove them. Those are toxic people. If it's a parent that's cruel to you, that's just even worse because they're suppose to be the ones that love you the most, which makes it even more personal that they're so against to loving you. I hope to God I will not fall into the same ways of my mother when I have kids. That's kinda why it's important to NOT make excuses to respect a toxic parent....otherwise that makes the behavior okay, and I'm sorry but that's very far from okay. You don't deserve to be treated like that. And you don't deserve to be okay with someone that treats you like that. You are better

Thank you

Ignore the last guy. U need to hold your head up and get an education and get out and away. Some people are just mean and it's not ever going to change but it's not u its her! Find a way out if your dad ever leaves go with him DO NOT STAY WITH HER or you'll regret it trust me!

My mom is so mean.My room is messy and then she is like don't worry I would clean it up cause I am your maid mom die that's what you want me to do that is what she says then I get mad but my eyes start to cry and she doesn't know I am crying.She is do mean.

You describe my situation exactly.My mom's such a *****.I don't even think she's my mother.In my mind I always call her *****.She does everything to make me feel vilified.I want her to die or,I just want myself to die.I just don't want to see her anymore!!

I never knew I fathet so my mom was they only thing I had but she never seem to want much to do with me but at this she puching 50 and she still they same bur I gotten to that point ill never have that loving mother she and im ok I really dont talk to her and really dont care I just know I not ever gonna be like that with my kids I gonna love to death always

Im a guy and I always had problems with my mom ever since I can remember I mean love her cuz she my mom but I just dont like her as a person but how she talk to me and about me its just like Im not even her son and they she looks at me with such hate I never had a loving mother son relationship with her not cuz I didn't want it but it she wasnt her way of being it use to make me sad cuz i

it's okay...i kind of know your feeling...i kinda had that feeling too like why did you even give birth to me kinda thang. Well, your mom sounds pretty terrible but try to have respect for her. I mean, she is your mom and she's the one and only mom that you'll ever have. Don't ever hurt her or yourself. And don't use the word 'hate'. I know your going through really hard times...try telling her that you love her(even if you don't) and ask her if she loves you or not.

my mother treats me the same way sometimes shes such a *****

I can relate I feel the same way I've been thinking of ways to runaway but for right now I just hate her she's so evil and twisted and she's not even my birth mom

Hello Darling....Old Guy here...Please explain to us what you mean when you say 'I can't live with this crap" for anyone to understand or comment we need context.<br />
Start from the beginning. We are ignorant to what you are trying to tell us. start simple.<br />
<br />
Regards, CliffD