My Mom Hates Me.

my mom yells and screams at me for no reason. i go cry to myself and she just yells more. when i'm sick, she ignores me, when i'm upset about something she ignores me or yells at me. she took away my weekends, the only thing i ever had, by buying this awful house and dragging me out there. i cry myself to sleep all the time. she just smiles. i always offer to help her with what she's doing, most of the time she'll just scream at me, then get all sarcastic and go tell my grandma i did something bad. i just wish she cared a little.
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I know exactly how you feel. It happens to me everyday. Since the past 6 years. And i am 13 yrs. i have tried to commit suicide multiple time, become a satanic, stopped eating and cry everyday. She makes me feel miserable and calls me hurtful names. Even my family supports her. I understand how you feel completely. You just have to learn to role with the punches. But if you are too wounded i recommend that you talk to your school councillor or a friend who is understanding. Remember. Don't waste your time on her. After 6 yrs i have stopped giving a damn. It is not worth it. Pls don't do anything rash. Lot's of people are with you. Nobody's pain is greater than yours. They don't know your story. Stay Strong. One day perhaps it will stop.

wow you really need to get a grip of yourself! some people dont have a mother. I do, however imagine this: my mother and step father planned for my step father to take me away and rape me! beofre you go on about how your mum hates you and how you are upset because she yells at you, think about the fact that if she didnt yell it means she would not care! if you say "i hate you mum" obviously shes raising you correctly. and if you dont know what I mean then you are obviously to young to have an opinion anyway. seriously cry about something real! at least you have a mum

HOW COULD YOU SAY THAT TO THIS POOR GIRL?!? Maybe she's crying because her mom is a verified psycho who has nothing better to do than to scream at her for no reason...and if her mom wouldn't have yelled at her for no reason so much, then she could've found something real to cry about. Plus, her mom hasn't raised her right and her mom doesn't care about her at all. Plus, how is ignoring a sick child raising him/her correctly? Plus, her mom took away her rights to see her friends on weekends by buying some ugly house and forcing said girl to come with her in there. Plus, telling her to get a grip when she's just crying for help is just outrageous! WHAT KIND OF POINT ARE YOU TRYING TO MAKE?!? Stop trolling and go somewhere else!

Thats your solution?
Are you ******* retarded

People like you need tp jump off a building for mankinds survival

You are a lying sack of ****, if they had really planned to rape you, you wouldn't be talking about it, you're just fishing for attention and pity points,

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Remember this, this is all that matters. You fell out of her vagina, and to you or anyone that has half a brain that shouldn't mean ****. Just remember you did not come to be with her by choice, it was just bad ******* luck, and I am in no way saying she is right but I guess the only real thing you can do is deal with it. And I don't mean that in a mean way, but some day you'll leave and you wont have to talk to her anymore.

Hey you are not alone ever. There are tons of us out there like me who cried so so much growing up. It's not fair and never will be in your mind but BELIEVE that you are a good person and worth feeling loved - I love you because we share the same war wounds - I am sending a HUG through the internet. One day your heart will sing. It will take time and maybe a few emotional breakthroughs but you will be free from feeling bad once you allow yourself to heal...which means keeping your distance from your mother. If you are to young to move out - journal your emotions and then hide it or rinse it under the sink to make the paper easy to have to let it out. Or talk to a therapist if you can. HUG xo

hi i can kinda relate to you my mom yells at me and screams when i dont do things she likes she says i ruin her life and i am only 12 . I tell people and my mom makes up stories i feell really srry for u and i hope things get better

I'm 12 and my mom does the exact same thing

this makes me really sad! my daughter tells me how she needs me and wants to be around me and alot of times i push her aside. i dont mean to be this way, and im sure your mom loves you, maybe she doesnt know how to show it...

thanks, i hope your right.

I dont think a real MOM hates her kid.

i really hope that your right.