I Wish She Would Go Away And Never Come Back!

She is a ***** the female devil! I can't stand her. She's all nice one minute then she's started a war. I should call her Diablo not "mom". She doesn't deserve that title anyway.
Its always this is this, and that is that blah, blah, blah, threat, threat, threat. She says stuff over and over again and tells me to listen to her, but its the same stuff everytime, so I tune it out. Then she's all "Listen to me and do what I say ******!" And inside I'm going " well *** maybe I would if you would stop talking for a while!"
We recently got a new house that we actually own, and she's like, "Do this and that, paint the walls, clean everything, I don't give a **** if somebody wants to do something else I've got to have my house fixed this instent!"
What I wat to say to her is, " If you want your **** house fixed up so bad, why don't you get off your lazy *** and help?"
she's the devil
Artemishatake Artemishatake
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Study hard so that you can get a scholarship and go to college someplace far. Very, very far.

I wonder if you could tell her " I do things MY way , and you do things YOUR way. If I have to do something of her then you will abide by her directions but if she gives you a shopping list or whatever, you should just be able to go shop and gett what you have to get done. Othewise there is too much congestion in your head. Be well

I had a mother way worse than what you are complaining about. At your age, you aren't going to see eye to eye with her about anything. As you get older, it will be a bit different. Mothers are not perfect, and she should help too. But, where do you get all of your clothing you pick out for school? You have a computer and internet access I see. I bet you have a nice video game system to go with that large TV. right? Is it really going to hurt you to pitch in and help? I know that kids your age can get rebellious, but be careful what you wish for. If your mother were to pass away from this world how would you feel then? Do you think the state foster homes will give you all those fine gadgets your used to> I seriously think you need to do some soul searching, she isn't the one looking like the devil at the moment.............

Fyi buddy I buy my own electronics I don't have a tv all I have is a wii that is really my dads and most of my clothes are hand me downs and she's not my real mom.

You didn't say "she's not my mother" in your story... It all comes down to details, details, and details.....

Out of line.

I don't see where I was out of line at all. I said nothing inappropriate. Kids whine about having it so hard these days, when they have it made. I know, I have two.

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