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My Horrible Mother!!!

I hate my mother too.

She was and is a awful person...

she tried to drownd me when i was 8.

furiousangel furiousangel 26-30, F 72 Responses Mar 9, 2007

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I don't even know where to start when it comes to my mother. She tried to move me (myself only) in to her sexual abusive step father. She told me she was gonna put me away in a Psych ward cause I had a problem with sex (I was 10) she had sex in front of me and told me it was natural and I needed to except it. She cheated on my step dad in front of me and convinced me not to tell. And I'm just scratching the surface... I hate my mother. At 18 I moved out. Years later I tried to forgive her. Give her a second chance... She failed and I will never speak to her again

I have the most hideous mother that ever lived. NOBODY can top how loathsome repulsive my mother is. Worse than any addict. She is a narcissistic evil abuser to the core. She told me that when I was born I didn't want to be here. She forced me to smoke pot with her. Never gave me a dime for anything, forced me and my sister to live in filth and rags. She herself lived in utter filth and loved it, I never once saw her lift a broom to sweep the house - I did all that work as her little slave. She told me I was schizophrenic, she showed me disgusting *********** for years on end and had dozens of boyfriends she shacked up with constantly, frequently locking the door so I could not get in when she was in the middle of her thing. She committed me to a mental hospital on a 5150 hold because I talked vaguely about committing suicide. Why not with a mother like this. Her own children meant absolutely nothing to her other than to pull the abuse strings. Here is the perfect example of a monster: She was driving to Florida from New York I checked in with her to let her know I was concerned that she was 80 and driving a long distance alone. I told her to check in with me when she got to Florida. I didn't hear from her. I called her. She told me she had been in a huge wreck and her car overturned on the freeway. I asked her why didn't she call me. She said "What do you care?" The most hideous part of her evil would be to unconsciously make me, her child, into her own horrible parent. How do you deal with that one. She put me on the title to her condo in florida because she wanted it to be part mine and a week later forced me to quitclaim it back to her. Simply unbelievable. What fascinates me is whether she actually plans this kind of hideous evil behavior or it is just unconscious. I don't know. I can't imagine such evil, let alone from a parent- mine. I believe she was brutalized and molested by her father, so there is a reason for this I suppose. Some people attempt a reconciliation but in my case its not an option; I ran screaming. WHAT a hater! Burn in Hell.

My mother .. Is something else she's very very self fish won't do s*** for me when she claims she does everything for me which is very untrue It's f***ing ridiculous she cheated on my dad and forced me to move to 5 different cities growing up I've never stayed in one place she got with my former step dad when I was 3 and he Helped raise me (my dad was In the picture as well) he was more of a parent then my mother!! My grandmother told me stories from when I was a baby that she would shake me in my sleep , hit me, yell at me, leave me places, and wouldn't even take care of me as a infant. Till this day she won't even take me places for things I need such as things for school or necessities I'm unable to drive if not I would drive myself. My mom makes me clean all the time yes I know were supposed to have chores but this is way to much while I'm cleaning this whole house and picking up after 3 kids that aren't even my brothers and sisters while she lays down on the phone gossiping to her friends!!! She says she'll do something but she never does it, she claims she's an amazing mother when she's the opposite always talking sh** to me, and she's just a women that was never meant to have kids I wish I had another mother because I truly despise her.

I have a deformity, some may not consider it that bad but I'm very insecure about it. Every time my mother gets mad at me she throws it in my face. It makes me feel even worse that the person who is supposed to accept me would do this. Maybe if she had taught me to love myself from the beginning instead of forcing plastic surgery down my throat, then I wouldn't have to seek others approval, especially men.
About a year ago I had a miscarriage and I planned to keep the baby. After my miscarriage, we were in the doctors office and she began to say how she doesn't even understand how a man could touch me considering my little issue.
She then began to go on how happy she was about the miscarriage and I had to lie to her about my intentions. After that I cried every night for a year.
My mother is a good person or at least she wants to be. But the verbal abuse not only to me but my father is really something else. She was treated terribly as a child and although she is not as bad as her mother, it still hurts me very much. I hate to keep this all bottled up but I don't dare show her my emotions or tell her how I truly feel about anything. Its so weird how my mother can be the best yet worst person. I don't know if she realize how much the things she says hurts me. And she constantly tells me how I'm sh*t and I'm a terrible person but I'm actually not! I'm a great person and I never wanted to hurt someone on purpose.
I'm just tired of saying all the things I want to to tell her in my head as I cry myself to sleep. I just want to feel beautiful and that I'm worthy of some type of love.

My mom is the most self-absorbed person I know. All she does is eat pain killers & opiates, and sleeps all day. She doesnt give a **** about me or how my day went, ever. All she cares about is getting high and watching tv all day. She has caused me so much pain in my life. I feel as if I dont have a mother. Just a junkie that happens to live in the same apartment as me, creating messes all around for me to clean up.

I hate my mother too shes a little ***** that never lets me do anything alone or let me hang out with my friends and whenever we do go out for example the movies she watches her CRAPPY **** then tells me to tell her thanks for taking me to the movies. I will hopefully go to college and leave her sorry *** to see how it feels

Don't say hopefully go to college you will go to college?. Now a days Government money is available for you to get a little to no cost to you loans.. Don't give up and fill out those forms for Financial aide help and all the subsidies you can get to go for free?.. Wish you luck,and when you do go you will be then independent and rely on no one but yourself. You will find if not already a wonderful partner who will Love you for who you are and stick by you through it all in life. Trust me when you meet the right one you will know how magical the feeling will be no one else will ever matter,and you go from there with an education and a great partner. Down the line it will be a family together and all the things you thought were not possible in life.. Just don't ever give up on your goals in life. You'll get there hang in.. Good Luck let us know how it all goes when the time comes..?

I would advise all of you who have mothers like this to leave as soon as you are legally able (age 18) even if it means working 2 full time jobs to do it. Stay as far away from evil & toxic as you can- forever. I did that at age 18. These type of people live FOREVER!!!. I was pulled back into my horrible mother's life as I was assigned power of attorney over her health care and finances as she was 87 and was being poorly cared for by my alcoholic/schizophrenic brother (her choice) . I am physically ill myself and she is making my life a living hell. She already buried my poor sister at age 46 due to all the stress of her. Her own sister lives 3-4 miles from her and will not see her. There is no reasoning with her. This is not an old age issue. She has been like this her whole life. She used me as a human shield from the time I was 3 with the alcoholic men in her life. I truly hate her. She seems to hate me too so it's even. She's outlived everyone in her family and all her friends. She is a true energy vampire. She sucks life out of everyone else so she can continue to live and take care of my pathetic brother.

My whole life, my mother has been narcissistic and abusive - a master of DARVO (distract, attack, and reverse victim order.) After doing something horrible, she would IMMEDIATELY accuse my sister or I of being the abuser! Even at the age of 40, she's still going strong... her recent favourite is to demand my full obedience or she'll tell the police/courts a BS story to get my kids taken away from me. When I show any signs of being offended by her comment and say how *wrong* that is, she'll retort how eeeevil I am for saying anything negative about her, or questioning her in any way!

She's a hopeless case... 30 years of desperately trying to make her see how her actions hurt everyone but she continues to live in a delusion that she's kind, loving and wonderful... that she has many friends and everyone adores her.

Nothing could be further from the truth. My whole life has been spent ground under her heels as she abuses any form or authority or power she may have - or the angry glares of everyone she's told horrible lies to (like when she hurt her own foot trying to kick me in the nuts and missed, then told everyone who would listen how her awful, evil son "karate-kicked" her in the foot. Foot. [facepalm]

I only maintain ties for a few reasons - one, the court system chose HER as an observer for visitation of my kids (only 7 visits left! No, I'm not counting... no, no, no.) Two, she's so loathsome that if I didn't show her any kindness no one would. Three, she's stolen the family "fortune" and regularly threatens to remove us if we "displease" her enough (despite telling us regularly it all "belongs" to her and she'll spend every dime before she dies!)

It would be a mercy for us (AND herself!) if she finally died, but she's so damned stubborn and irrational she'll probably outlive us all!

My Mother is a horrible person after not speaking to her for 8 years I decided to give her one last chance... she has done nothing to change how she behaves only just claiming she is a reborn Christian. To blame a force as pure and divine as the Most High for your despicable ways is offensive. I will never speak to her again and will write a nasty obituary when she dies so everyone understands clearly why I wont attend any services, nor contribute even a nickel. I hope people will understand that sugar coating a pile of crap doesn't make it smell any sweeter or change what it is..Cut toxic people out of your life, they are a cancer and should be cut out. Make loads of money, love yourself, eat right and choose you friends very carefully. Make people earn your trust and respect.. Stay true to yourself:-)

I think the proper term is "fuckeulogy".

I'm sorry. I wish we could choose our parents.

my parent hates me.They buy stuff for my brothers but not me, I tried really hard on my school but they don't believe me, my mom weren't happy when I born, they expect me to do every thing just because i'm a girl , my step dad hates me just because i'm not his real daughter, my little brother (he's 2 years old) has an ipad but I don't, they compare me to other smart kids, they make fun of me whenever i do something that are none of their bisines, they force me for everything, my mom gossip a lot, my mom tried to drownd me in the toilet just because i can't say seven when i was 8 years old, whenever i translate English to Japanese she will be like " I DON'T TRUST YOU" and she start to complaining and ask other person to translate for her, my mom embarrassed me when we go shopping together, my dad buy new stuff for my brothers but he buy me a stuff that's are already used, and my mom lie to me a lot

I send my support. I completely understand how it is to be the one left out, ignored, neglected, and verbally abused. I have experience some experiences of physical abuse but not on a consistent basis. I'm sorry that you're going through this. I don't understand how parents are so cruel and uncaring towards their children (even if it is step). Some people don't deserve to be parents but somehow end up being the only parents. I honestly cannot wait for the day my mother dies. She's a ******* a nightmare. Sometimes as you get older you can appreciate your relatives more and sometimes you realize how much of a piece of **** they were, are, and will be.

Well my mum does everything for me food wise clothes wise if I want money wise but she is mentally abusing my dad used to hit her and me and my brother was always in the middle of it and getting hurt trying to stop it I got punched in the face before and my brother was hit so many times by my dad trying to protect her her couldn't breathe his friend lucikly jumped in and then they ended up breaking my dads ribs this sort of **** and a hole lot more tortures my mind still and I'm 25 it still hurts me along with the fact I never got told I love you or even a hug whenever my mum cried it hurt me and I would cry but if I cried I was left to sit their hurt I remember one time I was crying in the garden on the floor and my mum and dad laughed at me this actually tore my heart out when my dad moved out because my brother then could beat him back when he touched my mum I got the blame for it I ruined the family it was my fault the family was tore apart how selfish my fault ? I suffered from a early age him beating on her he tore us apart not me :( I remember having to run away from him to a payphone with my mum to call my grandparents to save us and my mum wanted tissues because she was crying I didn't have any so for the next time she creid because he hit her I collected tissues in my wadrobe for when it happened I was 4 years old this to was normal but when I think of it my heart breaks for the state my mind was in at a young age well now I'm 25 my dad tries to do everything for me I got a new place and he has paid the decorators and she starts having a go at me like I get everything done for me its like she has this resentment because he loved me more than her because he didn't beat on me like he did her well I'm sorry mum but my head is messed up you know I don't know if to laugh or cry when it comes to you and dad because I forget and I love you but when I remember I hate you!Things go great for a while then she will start taking things out on me she dug her nails into my leg before and dragged down I attacked her back but the hurt of this reallyy is sad today she sort off raised a hand to me (I am staying here till my place is done) and cried my eyes out and explained the hurt of everything and she said that's the past I do try make things up to you I suppourt you with money and buy you things well mentally I'm hurt because I don't know if to love her because she does things for me as does my dad or hate her for how emtionally cold she is the fact I have never had I love you or a hug or the fact when I cry she looks at me with no emotion I am mentally abused and its sad I have a lot more stories od growing up as a child but for now that's as much as I can take because I'm hurting typing this :'(

I feel for you thats aweful really is

I am so sorry. Its embarrassing how the one person who is supposed to be your number one cheerleader turns out to be the cruelest person alive who puts you down. I know, because my mother is the description of that. As I try to remind myself, try to forget, vent to your friends and ignore her. You are better than her and the more you remind yourself that you are, the more successful you can be at life and you can throw it in her face. That will be the ultimate satisfaction and revenge.

I know how you feel. My mom or should I even call her a mom, she drown me and she cut open my stomach and i nearly die. This is a true story. I'm only 12 years old and she did this horrible things to me. Whenever I get in trouble by my dad she always have to say something to make it worser!!! I HATE MY ****** LIFE!!!!!!!!!

I'm also very disappointed with my mom too. However, I feel that no one would believe my story as everyone would say mothers are very nurturing and cared for their children. That's why I feel so alone. When I was young, I used to do well academically. However, due to financial constrain and her sheer hatredness towards her in-law, she would shout, sometimes hit me but most often she would call me with abusive words. Everytime when there is a small issue with her in-law ( She never seem to get pass her in-law issue) she would shout, scold me, scream at me with abusive words like SMELLY VAGINA, she did that almost everyday for more than 20 years. If I happen to spill some water on the floor, she would shout SMELLY VAGINA and started scolding me. Then she would run to her neighbours and bad mouth me about how bad I am, I never study and always only think about guys, when my friends' mom call, she would bad mouth me about me being crazy about guys etc etc. And when I confronted her how come she does that to me as I was there watching her talking on the phone to my friend, she said you SMELLY VAGINA, SINCE WHEN DID YOU HEAR ME SAYING THAT. And she would go on and on and on without realizing what she has done. And she forgets about it the next moment cause she feels very good after doing that. She also take and umbrella and chased me all over the neighbourhood trying to hit me on my head and when I fought back verbally, she went and tell the neighbours that I am crazy about guys and a horrible daughter etc.
She once told me that she does not like the fact that I'm a daughter and wanted to give me away as a donation to others when I was a baby but my dad objected. She favoured my eldest brother who is less smart, always fail in exam and she always sided him whenever he hit me. She said he must be very hungry after hitting me cause he's using his energy and to reward him she would cook scrumptious meal for him. My brother turned out to be a ruthless and useless and jobless person today cause my mom always supported him.
The line was crossed when I enter college. My mom was never concern about my study. My dad also never try to plan ahead to support my studies financially. I was already 20 ( a few years older than the majority of the students) because my dad never bother to take me to enroll and pay for my college fees. As a result, I have to go through form 6 although I have 8 As in my high school result. I was disappointed with the fact my family played on with my youth years and kept on differing my education because they didn't want to support me. I have told them I just need an A-level college result and I'm sure that i will get scholarship with my excellent result and that they don't have to sponsor my education anymore. However, they just didn't care. During form 6 and college years, there were turbulent years with friend/relationship. In the midst of my mom calling me SMELLY VAGINA every morning just before I go to college. I would feel very upset and could not recuperate emotionally as it was a norm for her to do that. I think it must have affected my relationship with others as I have always seen to be reserved and unhappy. I did many many times talk to her about it that it hurts me but she never cared. And one day, I got too stressed out due to friends matters and took leave from studies My dad took this opportunity to discontinue my studies by refusing to pay for the college fees cause he can't afford it. I had passed my exam but my dad refuse to help out and as a result, I was made to repeat year 1 even though I was already in year 2 and had passed my year 1 exam. I was so crossed, upset and depressed. Everyone in my college thought I failed so badly that I need to go back to year 1 and my dad was very happy cause he now can go and tell his relatives that he had lots of money to support my education but I was the one who was STUPID and could not pass my exam. For his own pride, he played on my future. I started giving pressure on my dad. My eldest brother knew money was the issue. He had earlier sold the car that dad has bought him and divided the profit with my second brother and I had no education. I was so upset and depressed when my dad let this happen by not paying the college fees and I could not study when I have known that I had passed the exam. Everybody in college talk about me cause I was made to go back to year 1 instead of 2. Sometimes, I would go to the room and play computer games. My eldest brother would interfere in my college life and I felt he should not be in the position to interfere because he is not a good example: He steals, tell lies, hit people and always fail in his exam. However, during this one setback in my life- he somehow got so interested- everyday he would say things that put me down, and if I don't listen, he would hit me and then it would become a norm that he would go to my room and hit and hit and hit me- he slapped me a few times on my face, he slapped my face- shouted at me that I FAILED AND FAILED AND FAILED my exam when in fact he knew it was money issue and he never play a part to support me with the money he gained from selling my dad's gift car. I got so disorientated each day I go to college as a result of multiple hittings on my head and mom never cared although she knew I was physically abused.
Then one day I cried to my mom, asking her to talk to dad about taking out some money to pay my college fees. She later badmouthed me to my dad and in anger, my dad kicked me on my face- my moth bled and I lose my 2 front teeth. Then my mom went and tell my relatives that I was behaving badly and that I asked for it. I became very angry since the incident- My mom repeated verbally abused me and encouraging my eldest brother to repeated hit me. My eldest brother hit me to the extent that he would pull my hair, pushed my head under the table and then kicked my head against the wall with his leg. I got so crossed and repeated warn them I would report to the police as they had repeatedly hit me. I kept asking that my eldest brother should return the money for the selling of the car for my education.I threw things at them, when they shout or hit me, I would shout and hit her back and I make sure I retaliate back. The mess went on for weeks and I was very crossed at my mom for wrecking my once beautiful life with hope of education, as education is the only way I can earn a good living and move out. My eldest brother and my mom then plan a plot- they called the police and asked me to go in my family car and put me in a hospital psyc ward for a few days and tell me to keep quite and not ask money for education or else I'll continue to stay in hospital. My eldest brother told so many lies. When my father found out my eldest brother did this to me, he got so angry because my eldest brother apart from spending family's money has never contribute to family and how could he take matters into his hand without my dad's permission.
I realized how cruel my mom and eldest brother can be. Ok, I kept quiet and then I started working and never ask for money for education. My eldest brother was very happy and he continued spending lavishly. Then after 2 years, I continued my education and went abroad and worked my way out. This time, i really forced my dad to sponsor my education and he did- although badly- never submit tuition fees on time etc etc and today I'm a working professional.
In return, my eldest brother has now been jobless for 5 years. He is now relying on my second brother and my mom to pay for his car loan installment, accommodation and living expenses for 5 years. He never bother to look for a job and constantly ask for money. he does not have a degree and he constantly fail his professional exam for 15 years. My mom is as usual would use me to lash out her anger. Once I send her all my earnings 90000 home currency dollars and she went and tell the neighbours and relatives that I didn't give her a single cent and that she is currently babysitting to support my education- when in fact I have been working for several years and she was supporting my jobless eldest brother for 5 years. My second brother also got so sick of my eldest brother for being useless ( eldest brother also hit my second brother). My second brother would constantly argue with my mom and eldest brother and then he would tell me and I got so sick of it.
In fact, my eldest brother lost his job due to problems at work- he had argument with his manager and he physically hit his manager and immediately lose his job. Of course I knew- if at home, my mom would be able to twist the story around and made me look bad and he as the victim. She can continue to do that, however in the public when people know them well, she will not be able to shield the truth. People saw what happen.
Karma has hit back. Lately while I was away, my eldest brother repeatedly hit my dad and my dad called to the police and send him to to the Hospital Psyc Ward.My mom cried and cried to my dad and begged him to let go of my eldest brother. My second brother upon hearing that was very crossed with my mom and asked her how come she plotted lies with my eldest brother against me at that time when my dad was away when she knew what the problem was. My eldest brother upon return hit my dad back again and again. So my dad reported to the police again and this time, instead of putting him in a hospital, they put him in a lock up. My second brother then lend him his place of accommodation so he would keep spending time in the lock up and so he wouldn't come back to our home and hit my dad again. By the way, when my dad was organizing payment for my college fee a few years ago, my eldest brother lose his job, and never tried to look for a new job cause he want the share of the money for himself although he knew I was struggling financially and the money wasn't enough for my education. He was so selfish- he didn't realize he was adding burden to the family at this crucial time. My education life was not good cause the tuition fees was not submitted on time, I didn't have sufficient money for cost of living and as a result, it affected my studies and friendship. I would say my study life was a mess and I didn't make any friends there. People would run away if they knew I have financial problem. They are also student and they won't be able to help me. Eventually, I still manage to get my degree without a single fail in my transcript result.

So, my life afterall wasn[t good. It was ok from primary school till secondary school when my education was supported by government, however when I need to go to college and the govenrment don't support education in college, I suffer a tremendous deal. When I was young, I was verbally abused by my mom and sometimes hit by my mom, I was repeated physically abused by my eldest brother ( who my second brother hates and always complain), in fact he also hit me when I had an argument with him after my graduation when I was already in my 30s, he hit my back and kicked me in my stomach- my mom said it's fault, all my hard earned money has been given to my mom and she still badmouth me etc etc.

The fine line is crossed again here. Recently she was mad at my dad for taking her news shoes away and giving it away to relatives ( her in-laws) and she kept throwing tantrums at me eventhough I'm already in my 30s. I brought her to the shopping mall and she couldn't control her anger and started shouting continuously at me in the public eventhough i told her people watching. She made me feel so embarrassed in the public eventhough she knew I'm old enough for some respect in the public. She told me later that no know recognizes me in the public and continued shouting and badmouthing with body action. People who didn't know would think I have treated her very badly since she always lied and badmouthed about me.

I felt and think again and again in the past few days- what have I done in my previous life to deserve such a mother! I feel very depressed and completely lost hope with such a mother. why can't she give me some peace after all the things she has done to me. everyone agrees her EQ is extremely low. But how come she is not able to see it for herself that I have suffered so much verbally, physically and treated badly due to her lies? How come she could not see it that Karma has repay her and my eldest brother for all the bad things and lies they have done to me? My second brother once said that he can know see Karma is hitting back at her and eldest brother- both liars. Me second brother never hit me. My second brother once said that we will both get marry and have our own family and be close to in law as our own family is a mess and our mom and eldest brother are both cruel and ruthless people. I'm now under so much pressure to repay back all the money for education. I want to repay back all the money I have used for the education. I do not want to ow my family a single cent for the education as I am not and will never be thankful for all the horrible things they made me go through during my education years.

I thought to myself. Everyone of my friends and cousins have nice and proud family and talk about nice things about their mothers. I felt a complete apposite about my mom.
I knew very clearly if a guy likes me, he would run away if he sees how my mom treats me and I will never be able to convince anyone how bad my mom has treated me. i feel so ashamed of my mom.I know she cooked and cleaned for me and sometimes helped me, she does have her softer side- but I somehow feel so lost being her daughter. I feel so ashamed of myself for what has happened to me.I hate her. She made me feel so bad and inconfident to be a human being. Why on earth I am born to be her daughter? Does she ever love me and regard me as a daughter, a human with feelings? I feel bad saying this and I admit I'm in anger- but I really feel very bad.

I hope that you seek counseling to work through all this abuse that you endured. Such a sad story. I had my abuse but was able to get out of the situation and my situation wasn't as bad or as long as yours. I've have on and off counseling for years and it's helped me to learn how to set healthy boundaries and also to know that to look for in a man and choose a healthy and good man for my future. God bless. I hope you get the help you deserve and that you find peace and joy in your life.

Hi Christyna,

The problem is that my eldest brother always thinks that he is righteous and more superior than everyone else and stated that he also work as a counselor. My mom is too supportive of him. Together they work as a team. That's why he takes matters into his hands by physically abuse and telling lies. My mom has been always verbally abusive to me since I was a child till today, at home and in the public. I don't think counseling is going to help for anyone of us as my mom's EQ is always low when dealing with me. Just like when I kept telling her to stop yelling at me in the presence of the public in a shopping mall a few days ago, she wouldn't listened and continued to so to the extent I had to lower myself down to her level and retaliated back verbally and angrily and walked away. I made me feel so bad and humiliated with myself but I had no other way to make her stop. I'm ok emotionally, as I am working and able to support myself, this not so much of an issue at present. I just feel so hopeless and embarrassed with myself and family. I had once met 2 guys in my life at different time, whom we mutually fell in love and the first thing that came to my mind was that I was afraid they wouldn't want me if they find out about my past and present situation. I never have confidence in progressing a relationship and one of the major reason was my past and present family situation.

Are you insinuating that you live with your mother? I'm confused. -------------------------And just my opinion, some couselors are not good at all, but most are good. I have found that the older the counselor, the wiser they are too.


I used to live with my mom until I was 23 and that's when she and my eldest brother bullied me severely since I was a child. I then moved to further my studies overseas. Once in a while I come back to my country and because I don't have a home in my country, I came back to the main home where my mom, father and eldest brother also live. Of course, now my eldest brother doesn't live there cause my dad got him out of the house. But then my mom never appreciates me and always went back to her usual bullying behavior after a few days- that's her personality. So you see, even if I don't live with her, once she gets me, she's going to torture me. My other brother ( not the eldest one) moved out and I realized how much he's becoming and talking more like my mom in the last few years- he would always criticized my mom and eldest brother and tells me that he has been bullied emotionally by my mom even though he's moved out- sometimes, he would not even let me go until he finishes talking and he went on and on and on again and I had to repeatedly remind him that I'm done with that. I got so sick of listening as I am also a victim and I had endured much more than him. I now feel the insecurities as I don't know if he will go on and on criticizing and venting it out to me ( of course he doesn't shout to me). As I have endured the torture from my mom and eldest brother for so long, I don't want to feel sick when I see my other brother. I don't believe in counselor- he/she will not be able to put him/herself in my shoes as I feel my situation is pathetic. Also, my eldest brother used to work as a counselor- because of that, he always feel he is righteous and because of that, he feels he deserves the right to physically hit me and others. That's what happen, when someone works as a counselor, they think they are more superior than anyone else. A counselor in disguise in the public eye.
It's ok Christyna, I don't think you'll understand. I don't think anyone will ever understand.

@cherandy: It was a very sad story,its very appreciable for you have survived from such a horrifying past,, and now just forget your past, and be confident,and progress in your life.when i read your story it made me so sad for what you suffered in your past at the same time i am proud of you for the effort you put on to complete your education..i am a very lucky guy to get a professional college education in my dad's expense,, and i am very sorry to say that i have too many papers to be cleared.. you are a role model for people who struggle in their life and for sure me too..
I had a lot of friends when i was at my college ,, they all are not with me now ,,they also do have backpapers there are also who have cleared all the papers ,,
we ll get a lot of friends anywhere if we are ready to spend the money and time with them,,, but the friends who stay with us in some real tough situations may be very less ,,and they are the friends,they keep us supporting and all ,,,they we make us live,,,i hope u too have very gud friends.. share ur problem with ur freinds
,,only with gud ones ,, i am pretty sure it will do gud for you...
god bless you..

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My mother neglected to report a crime that happened to me and another little girl when we were 12. I have never talked to my family about this, but it has destroyed my life. My mom, 24years later, treats me like I’m lying, and accuses me of never telling her, which I did, I know I did, and I know every detail of that day. I have always catered my life to the needs of my mother, I pamper her when she is being weird, and I allow her to influence me about others, she always talks bad about people. So finally after my own struggles as a mother, I have decided I need to change some things. I cut my family off for a few months, no contact, especially with my mom, and I felt a lot better. So when she kept repeatedly calling me 2 days ago, I felt like she need to know why I was not answering her calls, so I answered the call. She went right into telling me about my brothers struggles with his daughters mother, and then she said I thought we didn't want to talk to us.(she always says us, when it really is her that I am concerned with,, i love my siblings). I then said, "that is true”. Because you failed to protect me when I was a child, I suffer today, and so I cannot have you in my life because it causes me so much emotional pain. I didn't even get the sentence out before she started screaming at the top of her lungs so I hung up. Here is the transcript of her message. (My mother has been in treatment for mental issues since I was a teen and is very erratic, addicted to pot, takes meds, and has been known to smoke meth)

Her message:
my name, this is mom, I just want to inform you need to go into mental hospital for long term..and I am going to let your kids know what you did to them, you went out and partied sluted around and you haven’t cared for your kids you don’t give a **** about your kids and all you care about is sticking a (man’s part) in your ....whatever. So you know I just found out he (did crime) remember, you told me and I....**** you ***** your psycho ***** I’m done with you (my name) never. don’t call me either but I’m going to stay in contact with your children and they will know what kind of person you are, they have heard you curse out me, you have cursed out your kids, and your nothing but a (f word) pig
message 2: my name, I don’t know why you are doing this to the family and I’m not the one who decided to get me hooked on cocaine and show off your body to men like you have to and ummm oh yeah I am talking about the **** Patty (her sister) I dialed the wrong number I’m sorry....we are all sick of you your dad hates you and all you care about is money, go ahead call the cops have me arrested but you will suffer for the rest of your life just like you make me suffer for your whole life you made me suffer for it, I’ve paid for your computer how much money do you need how much money (my name)...your bf (his name) did this to you I hope you stay together and you both deserve each other you are so evil I am ashamed to even call you my daughter, I’m not the one who spread my legs for every guy that comes along (I have had 5 bf ever)
message3: this is your mother that gave birth to you you now the one who gave birth to you I want you to pay back anyone that ever helped you, you steal from everyone, no one hate you, you just steal from ppl, I want my pictures back.....etc. don't call just sent them they better not be damaged do you understand you have hurt me to the core. blah blah ***** blah blah.
They get worse...but I need to throw up now so I won’t say the rest...
my life has been a disaster, I ran away within 2years of that crime to me, got pregnant at 18, topless dancer(no prostitute I promise, I would never do that, ever,) by 24 (4years, quit '05, never looked back, no drugs either), failed relationships, divorce, loss of custody of my kids voluntarily because I don't want to be like her, and I’m afraid I’m an apple that didn't fall far from the tree....I am trying so hard to get my life back together. I go to school but I have now isolated myself from everyone because I'm afraid I'm like her....I feel better that I told her she can’t be in my life. But I am hurting so badly by her words that I just keep playing the messages over and over. This is a hard life and all I ever wanted was for my parent to fight for what happened to me, instead it’s my fault. So is, I'm an adult, which is why I can’t have her in my life, she bullies me around and makes me feel like dirt. I'm scared of myself, and I do have some issues because I never dealt with it in a healthy way and have built a life around hating myself for who I am. I wish I could have had a mom that was affectionate to me, and supported me, instead she tears me down
I do not steal, I do have picture of my child hood I took from her because they were in her storage and she wasn't paying the bills so I was afraid they would get auctioned so I took them, and in fact her storage did get auctioned so I have these and I’m proud I saved them, she treats her siblings just the same exact way..

I\'m speechless after reading this. Just shows what a horrible woman your mother I is. You should send her to court and get her fined for mental abuse.

My mom is a very cruel, self obsessed, meanest, and most idiotic woman I have ever met..everything was fine until I hit 9 years old... I would watch her beat my older siblings and then me older siblings told me before I was born she would come home so drunk she couldn't speak and would wake them up in the middle of th night and burn them with her cigarettes. When everyone else moved out I was the last one left and the last victim..child protective services were called on her multiple times, but they saw nothing wrong with THE HOUSE so they did nothing! She was thrown in jail multiple times also time it was for a year and my dad was left alone with no help and no money and he was helpless !! She is older now and still lashes out from time to time ...she was in a car accident last summer in attempt to kill herself because she thought no one loved her ... Even though I worked 3 weeks on an amazing birthday party for her and she didn't even care... She asked where is all my presents and friends? I was in a car accident 3 months ago where I was lifted by helicopter to a major hospital because I was losing so much blood and they could see bones coming out of my foot...I couldn't move for 3 months and all my muscles turned to fat and I started to become depressed at the dramatic change in my life.. She was helpful through it times.. But other times she would ask why I wouldn't work out and eat right and if I didn't like the way I looked why don't I change it ...I would snap at her and tell her to leave me alone and I would go in my room and shut out the whole world and she broke my door trying to break it down so she could get in my room...once she broke down my door she grabbed me by my ears and started shaking my head and threw me on my bed because I am not supposed to talk to her that way...she knew I couldn't defend myself and she did it anyway..when it came time to go back to school, her and my father told me that people were going to make fun of me and now I dread going back to school .. They constantly pick on my weight and its slowly killing me because I'm bulimic...I can't run, jump, play any kind of sport for the rest of my life ...I'm disabled and I'm still treated like dirt ...I wasn't made fun of at school , but I was always picked on at home by her ... They keep trying to change me and throwing up is my only way of giving them what they want ...I'm 16 now and still crippled, still struggling with my weight, still struggling with my moms mental, verbal, and physical abuse and still fighting through the pain...wish me luck ...

You don't have a 'very bad temper', you are victim of your mother abuse. I went through the same and my supposedly bad temper improved when I took my distance from her. A big hug.

cps is a joke. kids are effing second class citizens. I became ill when I was young as well, and had to deal with my breaking down the door to scream and cuss at me and beat me up even though I could hardly get out of bed. my mom is disabled now, and I secretly hope she'll get so depressed that she'll kill herself. although that's unlikely, as she is receiving very good medical care; certainly much better than I ever had.

My problems and experience with my mother might not be as horrible and heartbreaking and shocking as others; my mother does not physically abuse me, however there is a lot of verbal abuse. She tells me that I am useless, that I cannot do anything right, that I have not one decent quality. I have to admit, I have very bad temper, but I know for a fact that I'm understanding and mature, so I try to understand her. I know that she is going through a lot, with her trying to make a living, but sometimes her very presence irks me. My mother is incredibly dramatic, cruel, ruthless, narcissistic, and self-obsessed. Her mood changes like a traffic light, and she can be sweet and motherly and kind. But when her bad side switches on, I hate her to death.I'm not a violent person, but since I do all the household chores, when she comes home and I tell her that I didn't wash the dishes or something, she lashes out at me, calling me useless, and reminding me of past mistakes and events and experiences that were painful and shocking to me. She constantly stabs me where it hurts, and she is always looking for attention. Always getting out of the bedroom, saying something hurts, or telling me to do a chore because she is lazy, and then tries to lie to me saying that she is sick or something.Bullshit. She is not sick, she is too lazy to get off her *** and do her own work.Since she is my mother, she knows my pains, my weaknesses, and uses these against me.I used to hate her so much, I wanted to kill her. I would feel murderous and violent when she would talk to me, or her presence was in the same room as me. It sickened me to my stomach that we shared the same flesh, blood, and bones, that we breathed the same air, walked on the same planet, and existed on the same universe. It disgusted me. I hated her so much.It was so painful though. Even though I hated her, she was still my mother, and I missed the sweet, motherly, kind side of her. I missed her so much. It was painful if I let her hurt me, but it was worse if i fought back. There was no way to win.Everyone would take her side.She would talk behind my back and call everyone on her address book, sharing embarassing stories about me or making up lies to make me look like a cruel child.Last year, I had no friends for at least 4 months because all my friends left me because of one stupid boy, and a decision I made. During those 4 months, I didn't want to be next to anyone, and I hated everyone, and I hated the world. I wished to massacre the whole world. I hated everyone, and I felt like no one understood, loved, or cared about me. I self harmed a lot on my upper arms so that I could cover them with sleeves. Sometimes I stared at the pills in my house thinking maybe if I took more than I should, I wouldn't have to feel so much pain.However, once, she ran out of the bedroom, and snarled, "I'm gonna kill myself."I ran after her, and i cried. I told her I didn't want her to die, no matter what she did. I told her that I wanted her to change, not die.Now, yes, my mother can be so annoying, ignorant, stupid, lazy, and narcissistic .But I just tuned her out. I learned how to tune her out. I was so used to her verbal abuse, I was able to turn it out.The pain primarily is caused by my mother, but I have to learn not to care, and to forgive.I mean, I hurt her too.We all hurt each other. We are all imperfect, some more imperfect than others. The more harder to forgive your mother, the easier and less painful and better it'll be after you forgive. Just learn to let go.I believe that there is a reason for everything. I do believe that there is a reason why my mother constantly verbally abused me. Please do not take offense at my words, just listen to what I am saying. Maybe my mother constantly verbally abused me, so that I learned the intensity of mental/emotion pain inflicted by someone who you love dearly, and I become stronger, so that when others try to hurt me, it will not hurt as much, and I know how to cope with it.Perhaps my friends left me, so that I found out who my real friends are, and that I learned the pain of loneliness.Pain is necessary. Suffering is necessary for life. Because there are bigger and more shocking pains out there in life that we still might not know.Instead of wishing to hurt others, try to learn that those people are still people, and that they will be going through the same pain as you did.Hatred is born from hatred. Pain is born from pain.I was in pain because of my mother. My mother was in pain because of her financial situation.Yes, some situations may be more severe than others, but never compare these situations. Different situations impact individual people differently. Some are able to withstand such situations, others are not capable of doing so.

I just wanted to create this blog, so that individuals can chat about their experiences with their Mothers.

My relationship with my Mother has been a rocky road for so long now that I would just like to forget the whole experience. My parents divorced when I was very young, and my Mother was awarded custody of my Sister and I. My life was full of dysfunction. There was always drama were my Mother was concerned. My Mother’s sexual exploits became her first priority. The welfare of my Sister and I “took a back seat”. My Father had visitation every other weekend, and then my Mother farmed us out to Grandparents, when my Father did not have us. (This arrangement worked great for me because I loved my Father and Grandmother) She did not want her Children to interfere with her activities.

When I was living with my Mother and going to school, I was not given a bath so I was a mess. I was made fun of in school. My Mother’s boyfriend and the boyfriend’s brother abused my Sister and I. My Sister and I were babysat by the boyfriend’s brother, so my mother could continue her activities, and he beat the crap out of us. I started having nightmares etc… Well, to make a long story short, my Father filed for custody and won. Now, we are talking about the 60’s and 70’s and Father’s did not get custody of their Children as a rule, but my Father did. It was a horrible situation.

I was very happy living with my Father and Step-Mother, until my Mother kidnapped my Sister and I. She never asked us if we were unhappy, she just enrolled us in different schools. By the way, my Sister was sexually abused during time. Anyway, my Father hired a private investigator and both of us were found. Thank God! As a result of my Mother’s behavior, she lost total custody of my Sister and I and she moved 3000 miles away.

When I was a teenager, I had to go and visit her. Well, her sexualy exploits continued, and she taught me about drugs. Well, the crazyness continued. I had to visit her every summer and Christmas.
Well, I grew up and had a family of my own. When my older Son was about five years old, I visited her for a month. During this trip my Mother got mad and picked my son up from his hair. Well, that did it for me. Our relationship became astrained. I basicly wrote her out of my life. Nobody was going to treat my Children like that.She has been angry with me ever since. I stopped talking to her around 13 years ago because she called me and started screaming at me about not buying her a Christmas gift.
In 2010, I attempted to reconcile and invited her to my Son’s high school graduation. We had a big party with all of our friends, and she just bad mouthed me the whole time. I stopped talking to her again because it is just too much effort to maintain a relationship. My Mother is getting very old now, and she calls my Children and still bad mouths me. Will this every stop! It is really hard having a Mother that is one’s enemy. I have a wonderful life, and I really wish she would leave me alone My friend says that the “one that gets away” is the one that the Parent is always trying to engage for better or worse.

That was a long time ago.

I was molested for 4 years by an older boy starting when I was 3. I Finaly told my mother about it when I was 22 and she doesn't seem to care. All I here her say us "oh I wish we never moved from that house" if we had not moved I most likely would have ended up pregnant but him because not only did he touch me but when I was 5 he had sex with me (he was about 12 or 13) I don't have many happy memories of that house. She was emotionally abuseive to me, calling me stupid and telling me I couldn't do anything right. And god would she scream at me for the stupidest things. I was we'll clothed but sometimes she forgot to feed me. She is not a very intelligent women, I believe that she may be borderline retarded, because mentally she's about 17 years old. And what's really bad is her negativity. She's always complaining about stuff and saying "oh I have such a horrible life, I had a bad childhood" I'm sorry but what about what happened to me. All she got was spanked, but she deserved it. One day I said something to my older aunt and she said that they were in no way abused, just disiplined. Plain and simple she doesn't care about my emotional well being.

yes that part my mother complains how she has never been happy since her father died! what about me? ive never been happy everrrr

It sickens me that many mothers give birth, not to a daughter or son in their eyes but a slave they can abuse until the slave is 18.

You say 'many' but it's not as if any child is asked if they want to be born to begin with. And if they end up not liking it - they're slave until 18? What are they afterwards then?

I am witness to it. The phrase "I have two full grown children I shouldn't have to do housework" was very common when I grew up. I had homework and friends who were put off. I was "kicked out" if I didn't massage her feet. And I was hit if I didn't get all the spots off the walls. What are they afterwards? Confused

I was hit with a hanger as well and I was pushed on glass!

I've got an amazing mother I think. One day she did kick me lots and pulled my hair but when she got to know why she's done she said sorry and she loves me and she went to this doctor who made her stop

My mom emotionally/verbally abused me for over 20+ years. She started calling me STUPID ever since I was 3 (I recently found out that I'm autistic). When I couldn't pass the final exam for my 3rd grade, I had to repeat 3rd grade. She started to call me A Prisoner repeatedly. She also compared me with my cousin for over 20+ years (she kept saying how come I can't be more like my cousin- bigger eyes, smarter, sweeter talker, more likeable, more socialize). I find the comparsion unbearable all these years. I know I am kind of a slow learner, I don't like to talk to people and I don't have bigger eyes, but I was born this way. I am autistic, I can't help it. My mom had constantly verbally abused me all these years. I still cry myself to sleep almost everyday. Her cruel comments really damaged my confidence. I am a loner, I keep thinking that I am stupid, useless, not pretty & unlikeable.

I dont think there is anything wrong with you, but there is something wrong with her

My mom emotionally/verbally abused me for over 20+ years. She started calling me STUPID ever since I was 3 (I recently found out that I'm autistic). When I couldn't pass the final exam for my 3rd grade, I had to repeat 3rd grade. She started to call me A Prisoner repeatedly. She also compared me with my cousin for over 20+ years (she kept saying how come I can't be more like my cousin- bigger eyes, smarter, sweeter talker, more likeable, more socialize). I find the comparsion unbearable all these years. I know I am kind of a slow learner, I don't like to talk to people and I don't have bigger eyes, but I was born this way. I am autistic, I can't help it. My mom had constantly verbally abused me all these years. I still cry myself to sleep almost everyday. Her cruel comments really damaged my confidence. I am a loner, I keep thinking that I am stupid, useless, not pretty & unlikeable.

My mom tells me how I never try , I make up thing in my head that are true and get angry when he tries to like make a lie up about something deap down she knows is wrong , says I never try for school web I am up to 1 every morning I am taking all hard classes yet nothing I do is good enough . Other people in family know she is wrong but have to side with her because they are sisters but when I am not there they try explaining how she is wrong , I am not the child she wants to hav and there I a comment made daily of why want I more like this or that or a commen about my weight and its like no matter what I do I can't please her . She used to be a good mother until she started being lazy and divorced my dad she wants to do nothin and my life sucks now I always try to seem happy but because of her I need am and for example for an ap class I would get 4 100 an 1 50 that 50 is all she hears and goes by we'll your got a 50 what are you doing sitting down you never study or try do you want to do anything with your life I don't want to hear your tears when you are stressed you are always watching tv and doing distractions

My never actually made the attempt, that I can remember, but she always told me that if I had been born with red hair she would have drown me.

My mom used to hit my feet with hanger and my toes were bleeding!Shes crazy!!

Must mothers are monsters, i dont understand mothers day...