She Destroyed Me...

My parents got a divorce last year. Because my mother was cheating on my dad with his best friend. And she was worshiping the devil and doing alot of drugs and alcohol. So i will start from the beginning. My mom had a past of horrible decisions. When i was 8, my mother decided to start popping pills and drinking alot. She was very Abussive. My dad never knew. And still doesnt know that she would hit me. Im an only child. So i got all the Beatings when she came home in the middle of the night drunk. Well, we lived in Missouri at that time. We moved to Colorado 5 years ago to help my Grandpa because he was sick. He died 3 weeks after we moved out here. After that, my mother got much much worse. She would skip work everyday and go to the bar. Come home late at night. Take all that anger out on me. I was 10 or 11 at this time. Dad STILL didnt know. And she always threatened me so i couldnt tell him. One night, she took Afedrin. An alergy medicine that gave her a buzz. Except this time, she took 50. She had a seizure at work, got a huge black eye from falling, and constantly vomiting. She Overdosed 16 times that year and still managed to survive. She had 24 car accidents, 8 of which i was with her, being severily injured by. She totalled her car later. She moved out to New Mexico last year. And now works as a Prostitute. Im forced to go see her. Last time i did, she beat me till her hands were bleeding. I still cant tell my dad.
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Wow, I hate your mom too. Tell your father. I'm sorry to say this, but if you don't tell you dad, I think you should kick your mom's *** the next time she tries to hurt you. I mean how much more can you take, without confiding in someone? Parent's can only control you for so long, and her time is up. <br />
I wish you all the strength in the world. I'm not going to tell you all the "proper" things maybe I should because I can't stand it when parents abuse their power. You're supposed to be able to trust them to take care of you and clearly she didn't take her responsibility to you seriously. <br />
You're going to be fine. Tell your dad & get some counselling. As much as that sucks, you have to.

I've never been abused, beat yes, but not abused... But I never want that pain especially if I am a child. When beat severely though, I. Would always talk with my friend, and she got me to calm down and just sleep. If you need someone to talk to, friends would be the way to go.<br />
<br />
stay strong, god bless

I'm sure you hate your mother for what she has done, but I have a feeling that she has been through a lot more than you are aware of. I would not be surprised if she was an abuse victim herself. You should tell your father what you know. Keeping your mothers behavior a secret only enables her to continue with her destructive behavior. Seek help. You are not alone.