Who Gives A **** About Anything You Have To Say ?

I do not care anymore. About anything. I just do not give a single **** about anything my parents think , the people around me think , my family think. I don't care about there needs or hopes or thoughts about ANYTHING. I will do what ever the **** i want to do and NOTHING they say really matters.
I still get emotional when i talk about that fight i had 2 months ago with my dad. And that p*sses me of cause i don't want to feel sad cause i feel like thats week. I much rather stay angry and cold.
Today i  had a little fight with my mom about my hair. My hair is brown. But i've been wanting to die it black for about a year now and i don't give a ****. I told my cousin that this weekend were dieing my hair black. My mom can scream , she can be mad , she can ground me i DON'T CARE. It's not like i'm planing to tattoo my body ( yet ) it's just hair.
I'm not 10 , im not a f*cking child.
She says " I've sacrificed so much for you " LIKE WHAT ? Seriously ? Bit*h please.....
thequeenofpain thequeenofpain
18-21, F
May 7, 2012