My mom drives me crazy. She is the most self absorbed person I have ever met, but she thinks she is incredibly selfless. She thinks she does everything to benefit others, when really she is only interested in her own gain. She believes she is extremely smart and godly and righteous and she uses herself as an example all the time. She thinks everyone in the world is out to get her. She never shuts up about herself and how people treat her. If I say anything against her character she cries and screams at me and says she has done everything for me and I'm a selfish brat. She twists my words to make it sound like I am the devil, out to get her. Not only that, she is soooo controlling. She has always forced her beliefs on to me and all of my sibling and turned  my dad into an opinion-less shell of a man. He never dares to contradict what she says. She makes sure everything is done her way and expects the world from me and my siblings. There is a multitude of pressure on all of us to receive perfect grades. Since I was 2 I have been told, "Anything less than an A is failure." I can't stand her. Everything she does sets me off. How she changes the pitch of her voice when she is frustrated. How she speaks in a baby voice when I misunderstand her. How she chews in my ear because she knows I hate it. How she posts 800 pictures of herself on facebook becuase she is so conceited. How she is beyond self centered. How she crushes my dreams. I just want to punch her every time I am around her. I despise her.
GSteele GSteele
1 Response May 8, 2012

Hmmm, are we siblings as this sounds just like my mom. Yup, I'm her personal slave and my own ambitions take second place to hers. A martyr of suffering, and expect all wishes to be done on command. Self centered and spoiled rotten.