She Traded Me For Heroin.

A few years ago, my grandmother invited me to a local tourist attraction. We had a great time, but on the way back, she asked me if I remembered living with some people i didn't know when i was around three or so. I replied that i didn't and asked why and who they were. she told me that my mother had given me away to them. My grandmother took me back from them, and I lived with my grandmother for a time. I do remember living with her, and my earliest memories are from her house. Anyway, the story that my grandmother told me really bothered me, so I eventually asked my mother about it, and at first age denied it. After I asked why my grandma would make that up, she broke down crying and told me that she had owed money to her heroin dealer, and that he offered to clear her debt, if she gave me to the drug dealers girlfriend, because she couldn't have kids. I have a suspicion that the drug dealer was actually my mother's pimp, just from the conversation, and knowing my mother. I'm not really sure how, but i ended up living with my mother again, and was eventually taken into the system as a ward of the state when i was nine, and stayed in group homes and other institutions until i was eighteen, but i kept running away every chance i got.
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I'm so sorry to hear your story...... ((((hugs))))

I hope that you are now enjoying life and have some happiness. That is very sad, I'm glad that your Grandma got you from that situation.

Thats so sad.. -hugs-<br />
How are you doing now? ):

Doing great now. I moved on marvelously, but still think about it sometimes. When i first found out, i was rather upset, but realized that i am who i am despite my upbringing.

Thats good at least...

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