She Dose Not Care About Me!

Today I was doing school up in my room and all of a sudden I got a really bad pain in my chest and I couldn't get a breath (I could still breath but it was super hard to) I went down stares to tell my mom and get some help. I was so scared i was crying ( do u know what it feels like not being able to breath hardly)  She was talking to my brother but in a situation like this I thought I could interrupt once. No!! she told me to be quit i said " I can't breath" she said she didn't care and to wait my turn. After she was done she said to use my inhaler ( I have asthma so dose my brother) i didn't know which inhaler to use so i asked her she said i didn't matter.  yes it dose each inhaler is filled with different stuff for each person ( my brother and me) I could die or i could get an overdose if i use the wrong one.  But i was so scared and nervous i used my brother's inhaler but there was nothing in it. i told my mom but she said i'm tied of your complaining go to your room. I did and i got super dizzy  and couldn't walk . i fell on my bed and stayed  there for a hour crying and in pain. I'm still dizzy and my chest still hurts but all i can think about is she doses' t  care if i die..... she doses't care at all!?! 
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2 Responses May 12, 2012

Tell someone, your dad, your grandparents... anyone. It doesn't matter.<br />
What she said and did was cruel and borderline neglect (actually, its IS neglect).<br />
Next time, take care of yourself because judging from what I've just read, you won't get any help form her end.<br />
Good luck.

and yes it is all true