I Know

that you're supposed to love your mom. but i can't. i haven't been able too forever. when i was about eight it all started, the day she told me that she would have rather had my little brother than me, just ended the mother-daughter connection we are supposed to have.
she can't realize that all she is doing is creating a monster in my little brother. she always ******* me out for stupid things, for things my brother has done, things she hasn't done, things she needs to do, or wants me to do. she's always asking for money, or something. i hate her. with a passion. her and my brother. i can't stand them. at all. i never will be able to love either one of them.
the love i have for my dogs is wayyyy greater than the love i feel for my mom. sad but true. how are you supposed to love someone who doesn't love you, or even try to love you? how? how can i bring myself to say the full "i love you" to her, when she doesn't deserve to hear it from me. she never has. she doesn't do anything for me, except waste the "money she doesn't have" on stupid ugly **** kid clothes. mom, we're adults, start dressing like it. i have been for years, when are you going to join the movement.
i hate her. i just ******* hate her.
ashleyygaiil ashleyygaiil
18-21, F
May 14, 2012