My Mother Has Stressed Me Out Sooo Bad I'm On Zoloft!

My mother has really not been a mother to me at all. When I was 8 my parents got a divorce. I stayed with my mother and ended up having to take care of myself when I was at her house because she was to busy with drugs to cook or clean. I have to admit she tried, but I made myself microwavable meals for a long time, because she was to busy passing out on the couch. Instead of her putting me to bed I always put her to bed, if I could manage waking her up off the couch and making her move into the bedroom. 
     When I was in the 7th grade she ran off three days before new years and left me with my dad. She said that the government needed her to help find the other drugies. Well we knew it was a lie and I was so upset, but we finally found her six days later strung out. She spent some time in jail, and then had to go to rehab. She is still clean today, but the problems don't stop there. I was not fond of her for a while then, and she tried "buying" my love back, needless to say it worked. What child wouldn't it work on? 
      A couple of years down the road I had to help her through all of her problems: breast cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. I am still helping her. I was always good in school, I went to college, and always worked. Eventually, I stopped my third year into college because she would always throw her problems on to my plate, and I would always allow it. So it ended up stressing me to the max. 
      Present day she does not care about me, my feelings, or my opinion. It is always her way or no way. She wants me to kick my father out of the house that I OWN and she will not shut up about it. It always comes up in an argument and she expects me to just HATE him when he was always there for me. She puts me in awkward situations, uses my husband and I all the time, because she is to lazy to do things her own self. I know she is sick, but she can still do the simple things she always asks of us. I cannot have a life and she has me so stressed out with her problems I can't deal with mine. I have always been healthy, but now I am going to a psychologist and doctor to treat me for depression and anxiety. 

I hate to sound ungrateful, but this woman has changed so much.
I honestly think she is a megalomaniac, she has gotten rid of all of her friends, because they made her made ONCE. 
I can't deal with this, and if she was not sick I would have moved away years ago!!!! 
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2 Responses May 17, 2012

yes I know what you are going own mother is just like yours .shes old now but if you can believe it she has gotten worse and doesnt care about anyone but her own self.she did the same with the buying me back .it finally got so bad that I would get sick whenever I had to be around her.I have been taking medcine for years.I finally stopped speaking to her about a year ago but she keeps writing letters about how selfish I am and mean.and how she always loved me.I keep thinking if love is like that then what do you do to someone you hate.I just want peace.

I could believe that she has gotten worse, because it seems like my mother continues to get worse over the years. I think if I would separate myself from her I would be a lot happier. It's just hard because she's my mother, but once I get past that and separate myself from her I'll find peace, hopefully.

It almost sounds exactly like my mom.