I Hate My Mother

I can't do it anymore.
She makes me not want to be alive anymore
anotherteenager anotherteenager
18-21, F
2 Responses May 19, 2012

Yep. I get it, but don't you wanna look back on her with digust and pity? Hang in there.

Don't do anything irrational! Please, if you're thinking about a suicide or something like that, DON'T DO IT! C'mon, you're almost 18, you're almost there! You can see the finish line, where you can move away and never call her again! You can change your number, move somewhere she'll never find you and live your life without her. I'm actually jealous of you, as you're so close - I'm only 13, five more years to fight with the sorrow and pain. You got here already, don't give up now! Be a rolemodel for me and everyone else and keep on fighting. Please, do it for me. I'll pray for the universe to be kind to you.