Just Grow Up

I hate my mother because she acts like a child. She is brilliant, but has played the pitty game her whole life. It's not her fault she married someone with half her intelligence. It's not her fault that he might have alzheimer's disease. It's not her fault they had four beautiful daughters together. She had no idea he would have rage issues, or that he would let his business fail for twenty years without doing anything about. We know all you ever wanted to be was a housewife, but that wasn't in the cards. You had four children... She had no idea he would act like the domineering *** hole that he is. I hate my mother because she wants the world to fall at her knees. She wants everyone to understand that her Daddy died when she was eleven, and she had to help support her five other sisters and one brother. My father was never the fairly-tale daddy you were looking for. He never worked hard, he never will. If you've decided that you can't leave him, then move on with your life and be happy. Stop doing to him exactly what he does to you. Be above the situation and STOP BITCHING FOR ONE SECOND AND LISTEN- REALLY LISTEN. And most importantly, stop using your children as leverage against each other when you fight. Grow up mom. Dad isn't smart enough to do anything right. It's only you that has to see the light. He'll always love you.
marycyr09 marycyr09
18-21, F
May 19, 2012