I Wish I Was Motherless

My mom is a person with a big ego. I can see it even when she fights with my dad. She has a hard time admitting that she's wrong,
she'll never given affection unless you give it to her first and i'm pretty sure she likes my older sister better than me.

I'm 14 and i think i've become pretty indpendent over the years thanks to my mother's excellent job of making me feel like such a "wrong".
I don't  know how or why or even when she makes me feel so alone but when she does its like i have to pick myself up because i have nobody
else to run to. There have been times when all i think about it committing suicide just to get away from my parents or running away.

I recently got into a relationship about a week or so ago and its like he's taken all of that away, stuffed it in a box and threw it in an ocean. Every thought,
every memory and literally everything about him makes my life so much more..well livelier.

But today things took a turn for the worst. My sister had come into town from college a few days ago and everyone was ecstatic that she was coming
home and all we've been doing is making her feel at home as possible. And that's respectable considering she's been in a strange place and would
like to come back home and chill but does that mean running around after her every need as though she is a lifeless being without any limbs to do things herself?

Anyways, she decides she wants to go for a movie today which means everyone has to go too. So while my mom was away at work today, my sister tells me that my mom told me that i should go online, find a nice movie to watch in a cinema nearby and book tickets. I scurry off to do it in a hurry keeping in mind that my mind-****** mother will kill me if i don't; calling my grandmom to see if she's free, checking with the cinema ETC. 

My mom comes home while i'm on my computer, listening to music while it blasts my ears. Now this ***** is screaming and screaming (apparently) and of course, i'm on the computer. She storms into my room and bloody screams the roof down while i sit there staring at her like some mother ******* rabbit. She definitely had a long tiring day at work. Ergo, i have to undergo all of her ****.

Ok so long story short, the ***** slapped me right across my face after i said that my sister hasn't lifted a frikkin finger. Gosh i hate her.
Life would be better without her. I can even see my dad getting tired of her. Help please, if you're out there. :D

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2 Responses May 22, 2012

slapping is way over the line sounds like she needs help

Have you tried talking to your dad about it? a friend of mine had a very similar problem but it was her dad that was the angry one. She opened up to her mother and it really helped the whole family to be healthier as a whole. Maybe talking to your dad could help.