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covert ******(look it up it sounds like alot of you suffer from it also) I HATE MY MOTHER due to just loosing my job i have to stay with her with my 4 year old daughter.....I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE this woman....she is not a mother the things she does to me i COULD never do to my own child i would DIE before doing those things to her.....growing up my mother never allowed me to have friends if i did she was jealous she was extremly abusive towards me and jealous if my father showed any affection or talked to me(she even accused me of sleeping with him for money in my piggy bank) gross and sick i know. she would beat the hell out of me while he was at work and scream that it was my fault he didnt love her and there relationship wasnt better. When i turned 12 she started taking me to clubs and around older men basically pimping me out i had a really curvy body and was a pretty girl that looked much older and she used it to get her attention. if i had any best friends she would accuse me of ******* them. i was molested by one of her boyfriends friends and she laughed and said it was ok because he was a rich white guy and i should have just gave it to him. I was almost raped by one of her friends and she still took me around him repeatedly and tried to get me to be with him(i was just 13 at the time) i was repulsed and couldnt understand why my own mother was doing this to me. then at 16 when i finally did have sex she pulled a gun on me and told me she would blow my brains out for having sex. she pulled a knife on me numerous times and tried to smother me in my sleep. no one helped me my dad knew i would have to call him to come home from work(he worked nights) because she would be looking for me in the house i had a closet i would hide in and lock the door. Her family is just as sick as she is and covers up her abuse. there were multiple times when i was little i remember her doing vague sexual things to me but none of it is clear enough to really know what she did. Sometimes she will look at me and say your so beautiful too bad your such a waste of life i wish i wouldnt have had you. I HATE THIS ***** and she tells everyone shes been a great mother and she doesnt know why im so mentally ****** up.....well if anyone else had been though what i have they probably would have killed themselves or her.

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im sorry you have had to go through all this. you seem like a storng person for putting up with her sadistic behavior. i have had some problems with my family as well. you really shouldn't be around her and i hope you get help and meet a great guy that can save you from having to depend on her any longer