My Mother, The Hateful *****

you would think your mother would be supportive, not my mother. anytime im showing any sign of negtive emtion or pain she says quit your bitching, she is a hypocryite she complians constantly. the funny thing is that i read an article and that i discovered that women tend to copmlain about every little thing to their male counterparts and they will nag and nag if the man cannot do every little thing they complain about. there are somethings i cannot do. thats what i discovered and personified my mothers actions. she has no patience for anything. and allways takes the negtive side of everything, shoot every idea i have at work down and she constantly changes things around like the nerotic bat she is. nothing  can stay the same with her if i enjoy doing something one way she will tell me to do it another way at work.

she constantly acts like a teenager and she is in her 40's. she blasts adele and country music constantly when im awake, i at least put on headphones when i want to listent to music when she is awake. when i ask her why she does not wear headphones  as i do for her when i listen to music,  she just laughs and acts like she does not need to like some pompus blowhard. when i came home from a trip and had some chocolates i  bought from a special store she ate all of them and acted like she had the right to. now i got to cut off again so ill post more later.
kurokineko kurokineko
18-21, M
May 25, 2012