My Mom Is Messed Up

I honestly hated my mother.

She had a gambling problem. She attempted suicide every week. She could never show her love. She loved her friends more than her children.

She once slapped me for not brushing my hair. She always leaves me. She never waits for me. Shes selfish. She buys people. I attempted suicide because she disowned me for staying out late.

She never believed in me. She never supported me in anything I did. She always nags that my father was poor and that I was dumb.

She always tells everyone that I'm a lesbian when I'm NOT. (not that I have anything against lesbians or gays) She hates me.

Most of the time she tells me that she wishes that she never had me.

She ended her life without a reason is why I hate her the most.
gonefromtheedge gonefromtheedge
18-21, F
1 Response Jul 9, 2012

I can feel the hurt that fuels your anger. I'm really sorry you had to be subjected to this as a mothers love. I, too, was dealt a raw deal in the parents department. Maybe try some therapy so you can make peace with these issues, you need to make sure the rest of your life is filled with peace, and some measure of happiness. You are still so young, your future can be so bright.