My Mother Is Selfish

I am 13 years old and my mom is to selfish to care about me!
I am told that your supposed to love your mother but, its pretty damn hard when she doesn't give a **** about me!
I have 2 brothers and she loves one of them so much and I can tell he's her favorite! She tells me he's not but, I know it's bullshit!
I've wanted to kill myself but, if I tell her she tells everyone and I hate it! I've told her lots of times but, she doesn't care! I've cut myself but I hide it from her!
SHE REALLY ****** ME OFF!!!!!!!!!
kewlnezz99 kewlnezz99
13-15, F
3 Responses Jul 12, 2012

Same here my father always favored my older sister. I used to want to kill myself. I have scars on my wrist and arms that I regret now. You're going through the toughest age right now I know I have been there. Just know it gets better when you get a little bit older sucks, but once you're 18 you don't have to live with your mother anymore. All you gotta do is stay in school so you can get a good job to take care of yourself. Good luck I wish you the best.


Same my mom favs my oldest bro she hored ppl the make him a bedroom in out garage she gave him a great dane puppy she gave him her labtop she gave him a desk for the labtop she lets him get away with things. The all startd wen my dad died she stopd caring fo me nd she stil ows me $20 which she refuses to give to me OH nd b4 my dad died i askd him if i cud hav his guitars nd he said yes then one day i cudnt find thm nd then i found them in my bros room nd she said oh yeh i let him hav them so i ****** hate her so much i wish she was deas nd not my das