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I Do Feel Negatively About Her

My mother is a person that loves to hurt people to the core. It is quite strange to me to want to hurt the people you love the most. She has done so to all of her husbands (3), sisters (5)...she told me a story about how she made her sister take off her skates...then she put them on and stomped on her baby sister's bare feet. She felt completely justified..."she was wearing my skates!"

She has regularly ridiculed me on a variety of levels...apparently, I am fat, ugly, stupid, etc, etc. I am actually not fat, or ugly, or stupid.

I recently married after my husband and I have had several years together. I mentioned to her my desire to have children one day. She said I would not be able to have kids because I am "a sad human being". "I don't deserve kids", according to her.

I feel bad, but I know it's not me...its more her issue. It just hurts.

Thanks for listening!
dinamarie111 dinamarie111 31-35, F 3 Responses Aug 5, 2012

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Just wanted to thank you for commenting on my post and to offer my humble opinion that I'm sure you'll make a fine -probably excellent-mother because you'll know how critical it is to treat your child with respect.

We must have the same mother/or loins mother is so hateful yet claims to be loving. She is bi-polar but won't take her meds, blames everyone for HER failures in life, and doesn't take blame for anything. She is starting crap within the family now since I moved back here, I hadn't seen her in 11 years and hadn't talked to her in 4 years and she is treating me as if I was never gone. Her favorite is my older brother (felon etc) and I am not. It goes on and my story I wrote if you want. Our lives are similiar. Take care.........

No offense but your mom sounds like a sociopath. Distance yourself from her and you will feel better. I understand you innately want to have a positive relationship with your mom but some times it simply isnt possible. At this age she is set in her ways and it is highly unlikely she will change in any meaningful way.