Want To Move Out Now!

She is just too much to deal with.

Last month I lost a pouch from my purse where I kept most of my cards. I lost a bunch of membership cards, my student card, my health card and my sin card. I searched my and my boyfriends house up and down for it but it was nowhere to be seen. I told my mom a week later that it had a few membership cards and my health card (was not mentioning the sin card). She lost her damn mind, she tore apart my room herself (didn't think I looked well enough) and then drove me down to the government complex the next morning throwing a fit!

I now find out that she kept my new health card when it came in. I demanded it back since I am a 20 year old woman who should have a right to my cards. She said it was too important to lose (people lose them ALL the time) and claimed that it isn't meant to be carried in a purse (you're supposed to, the entire point is that the hospital knows who you are and that you are covered!).

I looked up about losing my sin card and luckily found out I do not need to replace it unless I suspect someone is using it, I already pay $15/month for regular credit checks so until I move out and she won't know I ordered a replacement I should be fine.

So now these are my documents she has: my health card, my birth certificate, and my passport. These are documents I need to have in my possession for my own identification. I don't think any one will accept "Wait, I have to call my mom first, she keeps my ID's on her."

The only reason she hasn't taken the sin card back is because I told her it is locked in my mini safe and will not return it, I think she assumes that she has it.

The biggest problem that is driving me crazy is that last week I lost my visa card. When I got home from work that day I took it out of my pocket and laid it on my bed by a bunch of bags. Since we were going out of town I didn't think to bring it with me since I had cash on me. When we got back I couldn't find it, I tore my entire room apart looking for it. I didn't take it out of my room! I figured it must've got mixed up with some garbage and let it go. I was not going to report it lost because I had some bills scheduled to be charged days later.

I told my mother tonight that I could not find it and I was calling later to report it lost and have a replacement mailed. She of course flipped the heck out! She just started yelling at me about how I can't put anything in its right place and that I was so irresponsible, she went on and on about how it was so important. I told her my account wasn't touched by anyone else in over a week so no one could have it, but she still went on and on.

As I made myself a snack upstairs I heard my bedroom door creaking open downstairs and then a bunch of bangs and shuffling. I immediately ran downstairs to find her tearing through my things! I screamed at her to leave but she held her ground, I was furious and just got in her way so she backed into the doorway. As I went to close my door she threw it back open and started yelling again. That is when I lost my mind and swore everything I could at her, I told her she was not going to treat me like a child because it isn't this big of a deal, people lose these things every day!

I just don't know what to do... I can't just move out because I am in college and my boyfriend only has a bachelor apartment and then I couldn't get to work on time for my shifts because of the bus start time. I just wish she would treat me like an adult, just accept the fact I misplaced something and help me figure out the next step. Not throw a hissy fit and tear my room apart.

I am scared to go to work tomorrow morning. I know she will go through all of my belongings, a number of which are private and I don't want her looking at. I have some unused pregnancy tests in a bag (just in case ones), I have some inappropriate items in some of my drawers that are none of her business... someone my age who has to live with her parents should not have to be put through this over small trivial things.
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I can live without my mom, she's such a hard mom, she insult me each and everyday, she abuse me in public, she told me she love every1 apart 4rm me, she really hate me, disgrace me and the worst of all is that she dont want a good future 4 me, The question here is: Did i forced her to give birth to me?