My Mom Still Doesnt Want Me After 33 Years...

Hi, my name is Jenni. I was raised by my dads parents & really never knew my mom. I met her when I was 16 but didnt get to stay around. I met her again at 24 & I didnt know how to develop a relationship with her. Again I came around maybe every year I would find her & make contact. Now, I am in a position where I really need her & her support, but she doesnt talk to me & try to get to know me, she doesnt talk to my kids either. She even messed up & called them her "nieces". I have been staying at her house for less than a week now, and I found out she stole from me. She acts like she dont want me around but i need a place to stay for now. I dont know if I should stay & try to make it work or just leave & leave it alone.
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Hi, this is an update from Jenni..I told my mom how I feel about her & I have deleted her out of mine & my kids life for good! I decided I didnt want such a person around my kids. We are not homeless anymore, I have a beautiful 2 bedroom apartment, they are in school & I have a great job. At least I got to really find out what type of person she is, mother or not, she is still a person & can be accountable for her actions. She will feel the pain of never seeing me again. Thank you all for your support!

If you need a place to live, stay there and don't feel guilty about it. She owes you big time. In fact, you should be the one in charge in that household. Be the dominant one. She can't throw you out even if she wanted to. She needs to help you with your kids too. Babysit, drive to school ,whatever. She did none of that for you as a child. And don't be afraid to mention some stuff of yours has come up missing. Then put a locking doorknob to your room.