Good God What A Jerk!!!

Okay, I just joined this group because my mother is such a B word!! My sister and I were playing this completly epic video game were you put togather a room full off axes, chainsaws, machine guns, bombs, springs, and lazers. You then throw a dummy into the room and watch the screan light up with violance and epic explosions. We showed out mom and here's what she said: "It's first digital dummies, and then your gonna do this to real people."... WHAT THE HECK!!! I don't even know were I'm gonna get that stuff, and why would I do it to real living things? That was alot of digital gore, and I don't plan to do that ick to people. Can you beleive her!? I'M A 13-15 YEAR OLD GIRL, WHO DOES THAT KIND OF STUFF!!?? *Breaths slowly* Thank you for letting me write this to let my anger out. Only a psyco would do this stuff! It's just mean and will send you to a very bad place.
ThePaintedWhiteWolf ThePaintedWhiteWolf
13-15, F
Aug 8, 2012