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Two days a week my mom makes me do yoga at our local activity center. Everyone there is 20 years older than me and never ever talk to me. I constantly feel they are judging me and my technique. I have explained to my mother I hate it there. I wouldn't mind doing it in my house with a yoga DVD or something but she says that is out of the question. I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice to change her mind or to me on how to get through yoga even though I hate it. Thanks.
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I'm much older than you and have started yoga recently. I'm sorry you don't feel welcome at the class. It may be that they are jealous of your youth and even your technique! Try to remember that yoga is very individual and that you are there for your own practice. Close your eyes and focus inward. It's a good exercise in learning to tune our negative stress. I hope you can benefit. A "hello" and friendly smile go a long way as well. When my yoga teacher brought her teen daughter to class I was so impressed at her skill and made time after class to talk. Wish I could do the same for you. Best wishes!

I was quite the opposite when I was young, getting to be around others far older than myself in my youth I saw it as an opportunity. Find people knowledgeable on subjects that I enjoyed discussing, pushing away those that only saw me as a child and drawing to me those that would simply converse with me as another person.

guess itis funny i do not ever being seen as a kid even at 11 and 12 years old most adults who knew us treated us as adult the only time we were kids was when our grandmother was around and she dressed us a toddlers and putus in the back yard to play

other then that after our night bath our mother would make sure our night pants were on right and she would read to us out of a book just like we were real children but allthat changed at 2 am when we had to be up and on our way to work and be open at 2:30 am till 8 :00 then school

at 12 years old we could walk in to any store in town and write a check for any thing we wanted

well that is a dumb reason and it will help youlater in life if you stay with it<br />
sounds like she loves you