My Mother Has Stolen My Life

i am living so unhappily because of my mum
Since i was a child ,i already knew that my mum is a monster.
First of all,she is so cruel and mean. When she is upset that day,she would find an excuse to beat me so badly . She enjoys scolding me using the dirtiest word in this world,and this has damaged me so badly.
And she never allow me to have any freedom,i enjoy drawing a lot ,i showed my artwork to her, and she yelled at me'what a waste of time to create these rubbish'then she torn my picture. and i was always forced to do things i hate to do ,for example,play piano.i just dun remember how many time i have been beaten by her because i cannot play it properly when i was a kid
Even when i am adult now ,she still try to control my life. i have met my boyfriend online.and we have met each other for 2times,when my mum discovered that by checking my laptop secretly ,she beated me until all my body are bruised ,then she locked me at home for 2 weeks. i argued with her , she slapped me and said 'you are using my money,therefore i have the right to control over you.'

i really love my boyfriend , yet i am not allowed to meet him again ,so now i am feeling so sad and i dun know what to do
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1 Response Sep 11, 2012

I urge you to leave. Climb out of a window with the clothes on your back if you have to, but leave. Live in a homeless shelter and ask the local social workers for help. Tell them your story. If you have bruises/marks from a current beating go to the police and press charges against her. If you don't break free of this situation it may one day turn fatal.