My Mom Hates Me...

So does her husband. I could be wrong but I think her husband moreso than she... She treats me like I'm not even her child, sometimes it's hard to believe that she's my mom.

Last year I moved to Miami for school and I stayed there for a semester, then she and her husband started having relationship problems and were really close to getting a divorce. So I came back home to help take care of my little brother and so that he wouldn't have to deal with the divorce alone. Well when I got back I had planned on getting my own apartment, but she took my car so I wouldn't have a way to work or school and that cancelled my plans to move out. Then my sister had started letting me use her car, one day I got home and the locks were changed. She and her husband were home but neither one of them answered the door for me. Then she told my sister that my niece wasn't allowed to stay at her house anymore so my sister had to get her car back because she had to have a way to take my niece to school. She had rendered me carless, yet again. Not to mention, the day she changed the locks on me I had midterms for my online classes, I missed them and I had to drop all of my classes because there was no way I would have passed them without taking the midterm. Oh and when I did finally get in the house about 85% of my clothes and shoes had been thrown away.

The waters stilled for a little bit, there were little things that she would do, but nothing major. Then the bomb. While I was at work she packed up all of my stuff... LITERALLY all of my stuff in huge plastic bags and left them in the middle of floor in the living room; then she told me that she didn't want me to move out but Van (her husband) doesn't want me here. She told me that if I wanted to stay there I had to start helping with the bills and cooking dinner because she works all day and she shouldn't have to come home and cook (I also work all day and it's not my responsibility to feed you, your husband and your kid?) I just said whatever because I didn't have any other place to go and I didn't have a car to go anywhere for that matter. A couple days later, I was in the kitchen making dinner and her husband comes in pissy drunk (he's an alcoholic that was hospitalized for pancreatitis but still feels the need to get drunk off his *** every single day) he tells me to get the **** out of his house because he doesn't want me there and he starts throwing all of the stuff I had made into the sink and into the trashcan and I didn't do or say anything. I just called my cousin to come and pick me up so I could stay at her house. A few days later my older brother who was down from college was in the kitchen doing his homework and playing music on his stereo when my mom's husband comes in drunk, yet again... He turns off the music and the light that my brother was using and starts telling me and him that we need to get out. My brother asked him nicely to not touch his stuff and her husband calls the police and tells the operator "y'all need to come and get these ************* before I kill them" I mean he threatens to kill us while on the phone with the operator. The police show up, we tell them what happened he continues to curse and threaten us, the police take him into custody and he spends the next few nights in jail. When my mom got home after he'd been arrested we got yelled at because we shouldn't have said anything back to him and we knew that he was drunk so we should have just told the police that we knew he wasn't gonna do anything, blah, blah, blah. She was basically taking up for him even though he had threatened to kill her own children and called the police himself. I just don't know how she could live with herself. And this isn't even all of the things she's done. All of what I've said happened over the course of about 4 or 5 months and it isn't even everything, only the big things. Oh yeah, she sold her car to my older brother because he needed a car for interning and she took my car permanently so now I have to beg people for rides to work and school because she couldn't care less as long as I'm paying rent to her. My life sucks camel ****
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I am so sorry. My mother doesn't like me at all. Neither do my half siblings. It hurts. Hey, I don't agree with everything this woman says as I am not so conservative, but Dr Laura's book bad childhood good life is pretty good.
You look young.learning to accept it now you are ahead of the game. I am much older than you and for so may years I kept thinking that if I just did something different they would like and accept me. I tried and tried. Finally, I realized that there was NOTHING I could do to change the way they feel about me. To tell you the truth that realization hurt more than all the rejection. But I needed to accept that it wast my fault. But it hurts to accept that your family will never be the loving and supportive unit you crave and deserve. I am sorry, again. Make your own family and cherish them. They don't need to be blood. When you do get married be careful to make the right choice. Be a good mama. But don't expect the babies to make you and your family closer. It seems like it will for a while, but after the initial excitement wears off they will go back to treating you badly. Find a man with parents you really like as they will be your kids primary grandparents.
Ok I will stop with all the advice now! : )

Thank you for the advice!
Luckily for me, my younger brother and I are really close. If we weren't, I would have felt so alone. I couldn't imagine my brothers and sisters disliking me as well. I started early trying to get on my mom's good side, trying to get her to love me the way she loved my other siblings but it never happened so I stopped. My oldest sister has always been more of a mother to me than my own mother has. When I was younger she always took care of me and now that I'm older and all of this stuff is happening she always makes sure that I'm provided for and that I have everything I need. She's a saint.

And I can't imagine myself being anything other than a great mom. I have a god daughter, she just turned one, two weeks ago. I love her so much. She makes me so happy, I wonder how anyone could not love their kid with all of their heart.

i hate my mother too. i really hate my mother. try not to let your mother change who you are. cuz i swear, with the mother i have, i could have gone crazy or postal.

Thanks for the encouragement. I am trying very hard to not let her actions affect my life.

No prob. You and i are both beautiful young ladies despite the craziness from our moms. Always remember that!!! ~peace~