My Mum Ruins My Life

At first I wanna say sorry for my bad english , im not english but i also wanted to share my story .. My mother is the most egoistic human being in this world. When I was little she would always slap me and my sister for the littlest things. If we would leave an empty shampoo bottle in the shower she would beat us without any shame, we were 6 ..
My father works from 6 am till 7 pm every day and my mum works 2 evenings in the week. Still she thinks this is too much. She has a house cleaning help and from the age of 12 we had to do all our own laundry because this was all to much for her . From the moment she started working she already wanted to stop, because 2 whole evening were way to much for her , but still she s the one spending the most on expensive holidays and clothing.
If my dad even asks about maybe choosing something less expensive she would freak out and would say she deserves much better. And eventho my dad works night and day she doesnt have any respect at all for him. You would think she maybe make decent meals for him so that if he would come home all exhausted he could just relax, but no she barely cooks for us.
She the laziest woman on earth. Shes always home but i have no idea what shes always doing , still she always says she so exhausted every day. Now i have to have an opertion on my cheek. This is not a necesarry operation of which im aware but it would change my face and make it more beautiful. There for my dad said that if I really wanted it I would have to pay a little piece of it. The operation costs about 2000 euro and i would have to pay 200 myself . My dad doesnt really cares about the money but for him its just more symbolic that I would also realise that i have to work to have things like that. So we all agreed i would pay a bit myself , but now my mum changed her mind , out of nothing . Now i d have to pay it all myself which is kind of impossible for a 16 year olD girl. She just cant bare the fact to give her daughter something. She to self centered. I hate her but i dont know what to do with her.. I feel like everything could be much better if she wasnt there
Spencer303 Spencer303
Sep 16, 2012