My Mom The Cold Hearted

I wont use the word hate, Ill use the word dislike. As a child I tried to win her acceptance which was never accomplished. She was unnurtering, selfish and incredibly opinionated. I was in a Domestic Violent relationship for years and when I asked her if my young children at the time and I could stay with her, she replied no I'm taking care of myself. Meaning I don't want to be bothered. Too this day she is alone, my father left her for happiness and shes still using the taking care of myself phrase. I vow never to be cold hearted or oblivious tobsnyones feelings as she is.
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1 Response Sep 21, 2012

I was in a domestic relationship as well, looking for love in all the wrong palaces, my mom is cold hearted and still is... she told a lie about my dad I was so upset with him for a year until I found out my mom lied about the whole thing... what kind of mother does that, I don't like my mom, after my dad died she didn't need my help any more, 3 years later my mother has never called me once, I have called her 3 or 4 times, I give up, its on her now, but I don't think she even thinks about me... life goes on no matter how hard it is to think your own mother is a cold hearted b.... !