She Won't Give Me My Documents!

I can't believe that she is pulling this on my right now. All of my life she's kept all of my ID documentation in a locked box in her room.

The only reason that I have my driver's licence was because I keep it in my main wallet and I keep my wallet with me. Last year after I had orientation at school I used my SIN Card to get my financial aid released. When I got home my mom pressured me to give it back but forgot so I got to keep it.

After a medical incident where she was unable to stay in emerge with me until I was seen I obtained my OHIP card and convinced her to let me hold onto it.

The problem is that when I was cleaning out my main wallet I collected all of my unused gift cards (and OHIP + SIN cards) and put them into a bundled clip to keep separately in my purse. What happened to this clip I have no idea, I haven't seen it in over 6 months because I assumed it was in my room but I believe I accidentally threw it out while cleaning my boyfriends apartment.

A few months ago I told her the only important card in there was my health card because I knew she'd kill me... well anyways I learnt my lesson about this and realize I cannot bring all cards in my purse unless they are necessary.

I expected her to give me my mail since I am almost 20... she never told me my OHIP card came and kept it in her lockbox! I am looking for a new job and realized that I need my physical SIN card to get work. I panicked and found out all I need is my birth certificate to have the new card mailed to me.

I planned on going down this week, I tried looking around the house when I was alone to see if I could find the key to my moms box to borrow my birth certificate. Of course it is nowhere to be found.

I actually asked her for it, I claimed that it was for a college assignment and I needed to bring it in to photocopy it, she said no. This is when I got mad.

I asked her why I was not allowed to be in possession of my own identification documents, she said I was too irresponsible (I only ever lost my wallet once in my life!) and that I did not need to keep them, that if it was necessary I could temporarily borrow them...

She still refuses to let me have my own birth certificate for a day! What would happen if there was a dispute between us and I decided to move out? How could I get along when she has my passport, OHIP card, birth certificate, and whatever other ID I may have!

I am still holding out hope that I can find the keys and discreetly get my new card ordered. I only hope that if I succeed that there will be no indication there is a SIN card in the envelope so she opens it and hides it to be dirty.
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Ever maybe think that your'e an adopted child...! Maybe thats the reason for this secrecy... Confront her and ask her looking at her straight in the eyes if youre adopted!!! GOODLUCK!

lol, I've seen it before, she just wants to keep it "safe" because I'll definitely loose it if she were to lend it to me.

Go down to the court house and order a new Birth Certificate, when you get it order a new Social Security card Keep these documents where you will not loose them. It does not cost much to replace them and if she wants the copies she has fine.
You will have the new copies, no harm no foul.

Issue is I do not have the time to do this. I literally need my card within the next couple of weeks and it takes 10 days after the order date to arrive.

Well do it as soon as you can so the next time you need your id you have it. As an adult you will need it.

When I went to get copies of my kids for them, they literally handed me copies while I was there!. (ten minutes tops, although it was fifteen dollars a piece)

If the lockbox isn't nailed down, then steal it from her. Then take a hammer to it to break it open. And rent yourself a post office box so that you can have your important mail sent to it instead of your mothers house. And don't tell her you have a post office box. Never let her see the key to your post office box. She will only try to take it from you.

Here is the problem: it is an unsmashable box, only way in is with a key... which is why she bought it.

We cannot rent post office boxes, they are assigned by street address now in our town. I cannot change my mailing address without changing my actual address which would complicate my financial assistant arrangement for school.

I actually found the key but did not have time to get my birth certificate out since she was coming in the doorway. I told her I was looking for some cream she has because I have a sore on my foot....

My only concern now is that she'll intercept the mail and discover that I lied to her and broke into her safe. I have a cover story figured out relating to college information being mailed but if she opens the letter or feels the envelope and card inside I am screwed.

Maybe you can get your hands on the key again? And then try again to open it when she's gone. Or go to the library and go through the books on locksmithing. You can teach yourself how to pick a lock.

It'll be easy enough to get to the key again now that I know where it is. I just need to do it when no one else is home so no one catches me doing it.... after that the only problem is getting it back in and hoping she doesn't go in there for something before then. Who would've thought it could be this hard to get your birth certificate for a few hours.