My Mother Makes My Life Miserable

I can't believe I used to think she's the best person ever.

I guess she was the only one I could depend on but that's the past, as the years go by, I realised she's actually just a pathetic excuse of a mother. I thought mothers are supposed to be loving, caring, gentle(...not sure about that), supportive etc. Now that I think about it...I don't think I've felt genuine happiness when I'm with my family for the past 10 years.

"You damn thing" "Are you fcking insane?" "Go find someone else to be your mother" All these stuff aren't meant for children especially their own children. For all these years I endured many verbal abuse and a little physical abuse (just a few whips on a thin stick or a big slap across the face) and yet I pretended nothing happened a few hours later; whenever I did something that she doesn't like (eg wrong choice of words) she'll exaggerate it to my father and then things'll get really messy...hardcore screaming lecture...

From kindergarden up to now, I've never received any help from her for my school work but I guess it's not her fault since she never went to high school but she didn't have to make that comment when I was going through selective schools' sites during year 6. She said I HAVE TO go through the selective exam and even called a relative over when we're looking at the sites, but in front of everyone, she had to say "why bother looking, it's obvious that you can't make it in". It was so humiliating...

She's also extremely narrow-minded too and it's really annoying.
justanothershadow101 justanothershadow101
Sep 25, 2012