Heartless And Cold Should Not Be Allowed Near Children.

My story of MY mother.
I was born out of wedlock, she brought shame on her family and kept me to spite them. They eventually came to love me. I loved my mother up until 6 years ago. Even after all the ****** things she done to me, for example, stealing money from me, conning me to get a loan so her and her latest bf could enjoy themselves.sleeping with the father of MY children over a period of a year or 2 that I am aware of. Trying to turn my eldest son against me. Even after all that I still loved her I didn't like her very much but I loved her.
6 years ago it all ended my loved turned to HATE and till this day I can't stand her I have no contact with her at all, she lives down the road from me and I drive past her most days, but we don't speak infact I have a no contact order so she can't come near me or my kids. The reason for this is a disgusting comment she made about my daughter she called her a FAT UGLY little C**T, we had a huge argument which ended up with her coming to my house with a dog chain to beat me with, we ended up fighting and she tried to put my head though a car window. From then on she made my life hell. I moved away for a couple of years then moved back to my old area but she started again on my sons.
I am a mother and would never treat my kids like that infact I don't know of any sort of mother that would.
Would u forgive someone that had treated you or ur kids soooo badly??????
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1 Response Sep 25, 2012

Wow I'd never forgive anyone who treated my kids so badly. I'm sorry about that