My Mom Is a Huge *****

alright, listen. my mom cooks for me, cleans and ****. yeah, thats good, i like it. but that does not give her an excuse for being a SUPER MEGA HUGE *****. heres the deal. my sister wanted to dye her hair blonde. i knew my mom didn't want her to, but being the nice sister i am, i decided to do it for her anyway. my sisters died my hair before, so i figured i'd return the favor. so we go downstairs, do her hair. and right in the middle of it, what do you know. the ***** walks in. after a series of very angry facial expressions she says, what the **** are you doing. i go " dying her hair". this is when she starts flipping out. honestly, is dying hair that big of a deal though. its our bodies, we can do whatever we want with them. not according to her. she turns this into a huge issue, not only about dying my sisters hair but how we dont repect her at all. we dont listen to any rules she sets or anything she says. if she could see it from our point of view, its not that we dont respect her its thjat we just wanna have fun and do harmless things that wouldnt even matter if she didnt care so much.  so she continues to ground us each for a week, take our cell phones, and take my laptop. seriously, **** THAT *****. i have a boyfriend who i need to text and friends i need to call. she has no right to take my **** for a nice favor i was doing for my sister. she needs to stop being so sensitive, let us do what we want and ******* get a life of her own, and stop trying to ruin ours. this case of flipping out wasnt something new, i'd say it happens probably once a ******* day. i cant take this, but only 3 more years till i graduate and can move to california. and get away from this mother ******* douche bag **** *** ***** that i call my mother.

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Hi People, I study physiology and it seems to me that this feelings of anger can come from else where. The statement you have made above is what a normal person would to if they had set boundaries for her children, if anything you are in the wrong. Where, I understand you feel as if you where doing a favour for your sister, you disobeyed her rules. It is a parents right to be setting boundaries for her children. Your mother seems like a decent person and as frustrating as she may be she is simply trying to shape you into the best possible person you can be in our society. My mother & I had some issues also, and like you I was angry but I can see now that those boundaries where set in order to shape me into a great person.However, upon analysing your harsh worlds, perhaps you & your mother could consider family relationship therapy, it may open your eyes to the truth behind her rules, and trust me home bleaching your hair is a NO, unless of course you have a crap load of toner, leave it to the professionals..

-Congratulations, Person whom studies psychology, in pointing out psychological issues with underage people with problems. However, I must say that calling these people "Kids" is demeaning and that these may not at all be issues. Instead of taking a side, simply remain neutral. You are correct about them not taking in their mothers point of view, however you are not considering the annoyance of a younger sibling. She was in a position of if I don't dye my little sisters hair, she will cry, make something up, and get me in trouble. Either way she would be in trouble. She is also correct about it being her body and, in today's society, plenty of people dye their hair. However, the best thing for her to do is to ask her mom first. The punishment was too extreme for her action. Also, what person would consider getting therapy with someone that they hate.
-Thank you and have a good day

i have a ***** mom too, i hate her you can't argue with her because she lacks common sense stupid ***** i can't wait to leave this house like my brother did if i stay here too long i'm going to kill that stupid mother wannabe

My mother tried to suffocate me when I was 8 because I was crying. Youre mom is not a *****.

same here i was playing my trumpet when my brother was watching tv i was making noises and when i watch tv he makes the dumbest ******* noises and i get in trouble and he doesnt it makes me ******* mad she doesnt even give a **** about me

Yeah my moms a ***** too. I have a's and b's just like how she wants me to and when i ask something very simple like "can i hang out with my friends today" she just nags and say were going to do something. Hours past and we haven't done anything. I told her what was her plans and she says nothing. Like what the **** mom. Then she calls me a ******* sl*t because i talk to like what 3 guys out of the 100 other girls i talk to. She blams me for everything. My brother could've disobeyed her then she yells at him then all of a sudden bring me into that **** with a bunch of other **** ive done weeks ago. One minute shes like **** you and another minute shes like hey sweety want something, **** you mom, go to ****

A (good) mother's job is to make things better, not worse. Children follow the parents' example, so if they're not capable of acting like adults and behaving in a rational manner, or not even capable of articulating the simplest things, then I really don't think they're fit to have kids. We need a world of rational, emotionally intelligent people, not confused, suffering kids. I'm so sorry you have to go through something like that. It's not your fault

i made a profile just to tell you your awesome!!!

Hi Kids, I study physiology and it seems to me that this feelings of anger can come from else where. The statement you have made above is what a normal person would to if they had set boundaries for her children, if anything you are in the wrong. Where, I understand you feel as if you where doing a favour for your sister, you disobeyed her rules. It is a parents right to be setting boundaries for her children. Your mother seems like a decent person and as frustrating as she may be she is simply trying to shape you into the best possible person you can be in our society. My mother & I had some issues also, and like you I was angry but I can see now that those boundaries where set in order to shape me into a great person.However, upon analysing your harsh worlds, perhaps you & your mother could consider family relationship therapy, it may open your eyes to the truth behind her rules, and trust me home bleaching your hair is a NO, unless of course you have a crap load of toner, leave it to the professionals..

if this is all youre an idiot. My mom is a real *****. I always have grades higher than 90 never have I left the house without asking her. Never have I went somewhere without asking her. I don't even wear clothes that she doesn't like. Yet, she always thinks I'm doing something bad. Every ******* time she thinks I'm doing something bad. Not only that, if I forget to wash the dishes shes all "youre gonna miss me when I'm gone" or I wish I was dead. Like, shut the **** up already. Oh and, when I asked my mom 2 weeks before the day of a sleepover can sleepover my friends house she says yes, the week of the sleep over, shes going to give me pijamas and she tells me "you can wear this for when you go to your friend's house, oh wait no youre not because youre not going". this isn't the first time though. She always has a problem with what I do. my friends she has a problem with. when I asked her if I could go studying with my friend because we had a test she said why do you need to study with someone. When I asked her if I could go to the park with my friends who she 100% knows she says you don't need to go to the park. but then shes mad when all I do is sit on my ***. what do you expect. You don't let me go anywhere. all my friends go to the movies together or the beach and here iam, fat, ugly and bored because I cant do anything. But wait, there's more. she's always calling me fat though I want to be outside but she doesn't let me. she calls me bad words for no reason. then she tells me I won't have no future blah blah blah blah. yet I bet when I leave when I'm 18 shes gonna be all "what did I do" you know one day. I don't want anything to do with her I'm ******* tired of it. i'm shocked I even have friends because I can never do anything with them. everything I say she has a problem with. I could give my opinion and suddenly she believes i'm coming at her. I tired of it.

my life

I have no idea how old this is... But I get the general idea. I'm not a professional psychiatrist. But I found this website/comment because I needed to cool down from my mom too. Not even just my mom, my dad too. And I know there is always someone who has it worst than yourself and that's what I tell myself all the time when I'm upset. Not saying that it helps all the time, and everyone has a different relationship with their parents. And whoever typed this probably doesn't care what other people think because you could be just ranting out your feelings. I totally understand, from reading the comment I kinda assumed that you are a young woman that's a freshman in high school. You probably thought your whole future through. We aren't supposed to have parents to love us, that's what they choose to do. But when you're out there in California all by yourself, what then? You would be an adult then. Everything is paid and reflecting on you. How about college, how will you pay for that? Or a job? What about the holidays? When you get older you'll realize you were just a kid that's trying to figure things out. And that in the future you are going to need someone to lean on and that will always love you... I hope this helps someone...

Hello. I am just going to say that your mother loves you. She maybe different than others but you have to realise that she is doing this because she knows what's right. Maybe not all the time but you learn from her mistakes. Think of what she has done wrong. When I say wrong I mean like hurting people and causing SEVERE harm. And don't stretch things out in your mind thinking "Well she did this and I was not nearly as bad"... You ARE WRONG. Mom's know what they are doing, she is trying to project the message that you should not go around and help everybody you think needs help. That sounds wrong but it is true. You can't donate to every homeless person you see in the city. You put your money into a charity where it gets handled by people who donate for a living. You are wrong and calm down. I hear you though, my mother is the same way and I used to think she was insane in the membrane. She is not! She loves you no matter what. You need to grow up and smell the flowers.

And another thing, my close friend, who will remain anonymous, was told by his own mother that he was a failed abortion. He was born to a teen mom and has been through a lot. But he does what he is told and knows that she does wrong things. You need to understand that people out there are not in the same condition as yours and are being beaten, raped, and are going through a living nightmare. You are not. People who are reading this need to know that your mother yells at you because you won't listen any other way. She is disciplining you, making you the man/woman you need to be. She wants you to grow up and live life to the fullest because you only have one. They probably do this because they didn't have it as good as you have it today. Of course you will be mad at times but you cannot be childish and whimsical your entire life and expect that you are going to be famous and popular, etc. You need to be serious and think about college, your social and love lives, and your future family. So just know that she loves you through thick and thin. Stop Hating...

My mum made me write out an email for her because she is a dumbass ***** and so I did. I included all the points she asked for, exactly how she told me too. She then proceeded to yell and say I've done everything all wrong. Then she said I am too basic and demanded that I add an extra sentence that means the exact same thing (I have replied to your email/I have written back to your email). When I told her it was repetition and it would sound weird, she just said that I was even weirder. That's verbal abuse. Even though I am the educated one and she is the one who speaks no English whatsoever she still says I am getting my punctuation wrong and the full stop doesn't have a capital letter after it. What mum?

First of all, she probably didn't take you seriously because your grammar is atrocious and she couldn't understand what you were saying because you obviously don't know how to speak properly.
Second, you sound like you're upset that she's trying to be a responsible parent. If you're calling your mother a ***** because she's doing what a parent's supposed to be doing.... don't know what to tell you.
You should try out this thing called "grow up", it seems like you badly need it :)

hello! All i have to say is go **** yourself! My mom is the same ******* way! ihave to deal with this **** everyday! Im that person that cries in the shower so no one can here! im that person that cries them self tosleep almost every night! im that person that fakes a smile at school when really i want to just curl up in a ball and cry! Im that person that has a mom that never really cares!! So how about you use this thing called "******* put yourself in other peoples point of ******* point a views!" you ******* ****!!!

Just today, i was sitting downstairs, helping my mom juice some fruit to make some juice. Then she yells at me for her dropping a fruit, and said it's because i bumped into her when really just walked past her, i said im going to the sink, and she even knew i was walking past her. She then got angry. I couldent just walk away, so i continued to help her juice the fruit. I said i don't want any because she yelled, and if she wanted me to do anything else before i go. I was sitting inside for a couple of minutes with the rest of my family. She came inside offering juice to everyone, then when she came to me and i said i didn't want any. After this she got very angry and stuck her teeth out saying "Don't ever ask me to do anything for you again!" She said it pretty load so the whole family could hear. She is very angry with me for no reason, and is on a big mood. She walked away whilst i went upstairs.

Add a response... i hate my mom, she take's my game's away for the dumbest reasons like a ***** , i want her to die but ill get executed, but if this was year 1700 then i would of killed her already just cause i can go to another country but nope, but the point is, well... she is a ***** obviously, i wish my parents divorced when thay almost did , then go live with my dad cause he is mostly nice and not a sensitive ***** to me and is actually reasonable, why do you think i hate girl's so much, cause their sensitive as **** of course , she is 10X the worse than school, and all the other 6th graders are COMPLETE brat's, especially girl's, not all but most of them, thay will tell over the stupidest things , ex: stealing candy from your teacher, swearing(even if she swears she might tell on you ):< ) and worst of all, no not just girls, but all 6th graders (and some other graders), they are such blabbermouth's and tell about any humiliating thing not thinking about how the other person feels about it, and laugh at silly accidents like amateur idiots, it's frustrating that they listen to everything but when you telll them,, wellll you get the idea, my mum is worse than my school she's such a ***** :P

my mum is a ***** she made me deactivate my facebook account because i showed EVIDENCE that my brother (her favourite child) girlfriend was cheating on him so i had a big fight with everyone in the house because they said i mad it all up so my mum aka the ***** made me go to my room so i took my laptop and phone with me while i was in my room i rang my best friend and told him (yes my best friend is a boy and im a girl so what) so i told him what happen and he told me not o worry so i hung up and went to say sorry to everyone so i went out there and my mum before i could say anything goes you idiot dont ake things up your brother doesnt need a sister like you you are such a b****y m***** f***en s*** so i went to my room and she chased after me and took m laptop and phone i can access the internet because she doesnt no i have a ipad that my dad brought me

I sooo fell you I hate my mom she's an alcoholic who sits on her *** all day long she says she doing us a favor but NO SHES NOT my dad is he works all day he cooks and pays the bills all my mom dose is sit on her fat *** and go on her computer and get drunk not to mention my b**ch sister she goes crying to mom every time I touch her and when we all are supposed to be cleaning she gets to sit with mom and watch tv AND I DID NOTHING WRONG just today she goes crying to mom and says I slapped her DID NOT and I tell mom I didn't I got sent to my room she and my little brother got to watch tv I admit then I slammed a few thing around she came back and was banging on my door ( I locked it ) then I unlock it she comes rampaging in and is screaming at me from the top of her lungs to shut the **** up ( will shes screaming hippocrite) and she said " IF I HERE ONE MORE THING SLAMMED I AM GOING TO SLAM YOU AGAINST THE WALL GOT IT"
"NOW GO SIT YOUR *** ON YOUR BED NOW!" so I did as I was told o and don't forget this " I DON'T WANNA HEAR OR SEE YOU FOR THE REST OF THE DAY!" and she was yelling at me partly because I was being loud ( will dad was trying to take a nap) and for slamming things wow sometimes I wish I could kill her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so my plan is save up till I'm eighteen get an apartment get a job as a cashier and never talk to her again BTW I'm ten

My mom is a ***** she don't feed me she don't clean she took calls me a ***** and I'm 12 I must turned 12 yestarday she stole my mony 35 from me and 200 from my nan she got bailed out of jail with the money she steals from my dad I wish she would die she does drugs and I hate her she is no real mom I fill so nice to finally say that

advice from an 18 year old: save as much as you can.. when you turn 18 and save enough money, leave and live alone.. trust me you will be happier

You can call the Department of Human Services and tell them what's going on and maybe they will pay your parents a visit and discuss with them things that your parents need to do to start behaving like decent parents. Human Services doesn't have to say that it was you that called.

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So, first of all: your mom asked you not to do something, dye your hair which is completely understandable. She doesn't want you guys to show up at a formal family event like thanksgiving with blue hair or something, which is actually completely right. You flat-out ignored that and went ahead and dyed your sister's hair. She has all the right in the world to be mad at you. I admit that her punishment was unfair, but you're mad at her because "I have a boyfriend I need to text" and "friends I need to call". For one thing, you don't need to. I'm 20 years old and get along fine just using a flip phone. You're 16, and most kids I knew when I was in high school/college didn't have a relationship with anyone. So yeah, your mom was being dramatic but you're the ***** here, so no offense but shut up. Frankly, I don't really think that many people give a ****. So you can just go crying to daddy about how mommy was being a *****, but I don't think that he'll care.

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You have no right to be that rude. It was disrespectful and unnecessary. May I remind you, as I have to several other people, that we are here to offer SUPPORT. We are supposed to say: "I know you're having a hard time. I've been through a couple rough patches myself, but we are here and you are worth the world, and so much more."
Not this: "Listen to me because I am older" thing that you are doing, anonymous member 17. I believe that the problem with adults is you expect us to follow you. We don't. Please, offer support - don't make things worse.

you are young, when you are an adult like us you will be saying the same thing to the teens, it is a never ending cycle that has been going on since the beginning of time. we all think we are right and our parents are ******** when we are teens, you will look back someday and see that you were wrong, it happens to us all

I'm afraid I don't see it that way. My mother always tells me that my emotions are the product of teenage hormones. In other words, they aren't real. If I'm angry, it's because my pituitary gland is releasing hormones. If that's the case, and none of these teenage thoughts and emotions matter in the long run, why do so many teenagers kill themselves? All I really want from my parents is to a) to treated like my feelings actually matter to them and b) feel like I'm not a doll they can simply move around. Teenage years, with highschool and hormones are hard enough without our parents being jerks. So, adults, if you know how this feels, why are you doing it?
No adult I've ever asked has had an answer, and always tells me to shut up.

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I feel the same way. My mom yells at me for small stupid crap but only yells at my siblings when they do something yell worthy. It's not fair and I wish I could go live with one of my friends

I understand where you're coming from, but I feel as if you're handling this a wee bit wrong. I can see the frustration, as anyone would feel if someone was controlling them or trying to ruin their happiness. Im not some adult here to give you a pep talk. I'm 16, and I understand how difficult my parents can be. Mine likes to take my phone at any occasion she feels that she needs to fufill the dominant female role and to parent. I feel it is very lazy and unproductive parenting, but that is just me. But.. I can surely tell you swearing about it on the internet can't help you much, love. Just take a deep breath, put on your nice girl face, and stick it out for the next 1-5 years. (Depending on if you're 13 or 17.. You obviously have more or less years.) I'm sorry she's made you feel such anger but you will have built a lot of character in the end. :) <3 Take care.

you hear that mothers? love your kid. raise her good by not taking away the one thing shes/he is living because of. make his/her life a better life not by taking things away like going outside or their phone. like, idk do yoga work out stalk your son and just see wat he or she does but dont go overboard u did that stuff too

Yeah my Mom's a ***** to I mean one **** up in a household chore turns her into a ******* demon. ****! I want to leave the house when I grow up so I can get away from that ******* puta not to mention that she exhibits symptoms of bipolar disorder from time to time making her hard to understand

thank you for posting this article. I felt as if I was the only one who felt like this towards their mother. My mom is the exact same way. But I feel a lot better knowing that I'm not the only one.

My mom is so fricking dumb like i stay up for one more hour than im supposed to and now im grounded for three months and i have to go to bed at 7:00 pm and i have to give up my phone before 4:00 pm like jeez its only a ******* hour calm down

wait until you have to watch her slowly die of breast cancer someday and THEN tell us how dumb she was...

I'm 13 years old, I didn't know if you could be under 18. Anyway, do you know anyone who can give you a life away from your parents.

I hear you girl my mom is suck a ****** sweetheart when it comes to my brother but when it comes to us ( my sister and I ) she is suck a ******* ***** . And when my sister askes for stuff she gets it but when I ask for stuff it is just NO.

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well, yeah your right doing what you want. But from ur mums point of view, she told you something and u disobeyed. even though she is wrong, its nice just listen to parents cuz u know they over react to everything. She musta felt like she was losing control

u dont know my life. My mom is a bigger and i mean a HUGE *****. she doesnt like my dog and she always abuses me and says bad words for having him near. She abuses me for nothing everyday. She does silly things. None likes her except her mother. Her dad and around 3 sisters hate her and even my dad, grandmother and grandmother hate her for her way of doing things. she speaks ****. sometimes she abuses me so much that i feel like killing her. that ***** has an habit to speak every bad thing infront of anyone. i hate that *****. she thinks she does alot for everyonbe by just cooking and doing some more stuffs and everyday its so very mandatory for that ***** to go to her art of living classes which doesnt teach her anything. ***** goes to her mums hopuse everymonth to irritate them and she makes my life a hell. she wants to watch tv even during my exams, beat me when i dont listen and that little stupid ***** thinks she has more power than me, i have attended gym for more than 1 year. i can kill her in a kick... that ***** aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Dam you got some real beef with your mom. I thought my relationship with my mom was bad. But your relationship is on a whole another level. I hope everything works out for the best and thank you for posting this, making me realize I should be more grateful.

it okeh jast screeem it out and ******* move out.

Thats nothing compared to mine:
my so called mother left me home alone for 2 ****** weeks when I was in grade 10 and had PSATs and ****, why? for my sister that was in another country. I only asked her to get me a sports bag and a pair of jeans. But the ***** returns home, barges into my room at 6am (on Saturday), and says "I'm home! miss me much?". Obviously I'm gonna be pissed no matter how long she was gone. Later on, I asked her about the pants and the bag. She replies "I didn't have time to buy them. Sorry!" "I was sooo busy with your sister and matters of my own, but I didn't forget about your requests. Besides I couldn't find the sports bag you were looking for." Wtf mom. What the **** is wrong with ordering it online? I mean what a pitiful excuse. If you are going to lie to my face and be a hypocritical *****about it, have the balls to tell me the truth!!!

Think yours is bad this morning I tried waking my mom up I know it's early to wake up at 6am but I'm running a race 5k to suppprt a cause and to pace myself in cross country its in an hour and she won't let me go without her so I need her to come with me. The fact that I can register on my own and drive everything. She just wants to come with me just because she said she wants to do something. I can drive! Anyway waking her up she ******* me out and startsee yelling I'm a ***** I'm a worthless piece of ****. I shouldn't be alive, your shallow, you a *****, she just starts to rant about bull **** I have no cluexperience what her deal is I wake up rarely I hate bothering her because she is mega ***** gone wrong. Now I'm late going I've gone to 5k run alone with the cross country team my close friend said she would take me considering I'm meeting her up there my mom is just stubborn and when I asked she told me no. I want everything to be easy on her but she's just a ***** through and through.

You want a bitchy mother?Try dealing with mine I don't even live with mine anymore and she still manages to cause me nothing but stress, anger, and sadness and make me feel absolutly depressed and horrible about myself. When we argue it gets really ugly. I'm 25 and she treats me like an idiot. Or like I'm a little child. She can be quite abusive at times mostly verbally. But abuse is still abuse none the less. She nags at me constantly over the most stupid things. She does it at the worst times too. Like last weekend was my 25th birthday. And she just randomly decided to pick a fight with me. ON my birthday. Worst time to fight with your child and make them miserable. My mood went right down the drain. I was miserable my whole birthday thanks to her. When we argue it is usually in public. Which is embarrasing. Then again my mother is embarrassing in general but I try my best to tolerate her. Espechially when we are out in public. Because there's people around. And that's normally when she likes to pick verbal fights with me. And embarrass me. She insults me a lot too. Some of the stuff she says is quite hurtful. Like when we are fighting on my birthday She called me very destructive and said that I'm miserable all the time. She never even apologize for it. She dosn't even care that my older sister and my biological father BOTH abused me both verbally and psychially ever since I was a young girl. She thinks it's no big deal and that I should stop complaining about it. All in all my mother is a royal *****. I'm glad I live on my own now. But there are times when I have no choice but to go see her. So when we do that's when the tension and stress happens. I don't care if people call me a spoiled brat. If you met my mother in person. I'm sure after being around her for like 5 minutes. You would agree with me. She is an annoying, naggy little *****. Who likes to insult her children and make them feel bad about themselves.

I dont hate my mother but I highly dislike her mosr of the time because she is very controlling, shes a bully, she most definitely has anger issues. No matter what we do it is always a fight between me and her. She says I dont respect her, all I so is party, I am selfish and that I dont care about anything. I'm 21 years old and she treats me like I'm 5. Right now its summer vacation, I have no school and I work tomorrow late in the afternoon yet she wont let me go outside or do anything. She wants me to be miserable like her and then she complains why she doesnt have a life. My mom has friends and they ask her to hangout, even her sister asks her to visit.. Yet her answer is always no. She says she has things to do but she doesnt! She sits home to complain and clean the house. Its as if nothing we do can make her happy. Shes very picky and brings things up from past years ago. I love my mom with all my heart but its coming down to the fact that I have to get away from her because if I dont I'm gonna lose it. My mom went out to 21+ clubs and bars with her friends and cousins at 16 in NYC but I cant even chill with my boys and go out because its a problem with me always hanging out like damn I'm trying to live my life. I dont party all the time,.. I sit home like you and put up with you all day.. On top of that she thinks that she is always right. She needs help. And I hate when people say thats your mom but moms dont hold there kids back, arent bullys. Most of the time shes not even right but you cant fight fire with fire. I get my attitude from her.. At this point if my mom were a guy I'd knock her out point blank,.. No questions asked. My mom needs help , and I couldnt be more serious that that.

I know I so feel what ur saying. I wish my mom would quit complaining about everything!

Im laying in bed on a trip so my mom Saïd iTS freezing down here AnD i was like oh i find iT a little warm so my mom starts Yapping About not having any respect for her so she starts complaining About how i move in my sleep what am i supposed to do About that i made a rude comment saying that she should see Some help for her issue with movement she hits me in the face. So after i brushed my teeth i put my toothbrush in the wrong pile causing confusion my mom gets up yells About iT shoves the tooth brush in my face me benig frustrated i begin to hit myself Then i shed one tear AnD Then she says yeah iTS About time you cry.

My mums way worse than that, you see I was just on my Mac watching a movie in the morning and she just randomly comes up to me and tells me to ******* go to sleep, so I told her that I can't go to sleep because I drank coffee and now all of a sudden she starts yelling "THIS MAC HAS RUINED YOUR LIFE EVER SINCE YOUR DAD BOUGHT IT" like what the ****, and then she starts to take my Mac and starts throwing it on the ground and says "HAPPY" so then I go to my room and pretend to sleep just shut her up, but then after a while she comes up with a wooden spoon and starts to hit my arm and my hip, but I was used to it but this time my arm was really really red it was to starting to swell and everything, I was like "you may think Im a spoilt Brat but if this happened to you what would you react like?" Hitting and breaking your stuff? That's dispicable. Later on that day my mother forced me to clean literally the whole house like mop the floors wipe the walls and everything, but isn't that like using me? By the way my mother never celebrates anything for me (like my birthday, my first tooth ect.)
I know you people are wishing for a mother but trust me you don't want mine.

I feel you! I'm so sorry! Today morning when I got up my phone was gone and when I asked my mum she was like I took it away for a couple of days because you use it way too much, even though I barely use it infront of her so I told her that I won't go to school untill you give it back to me but she said she won't and she left for work and it's apst the time she return and she still haven't and she's not picking up her phone!!! I feel so sick

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how dare you, she is your mother, do you know what some of us go though wishing we had our mother you are a selfish spioled brat, you say that she need to get her own life well she gave it up to riase you! and this is how you treat her? the holidays,vactions,birthdays, first lost tooth, you should be thankfull your mother cares, other children dont get to chose nothing at all, some children are burend or killed if they displease thier mothers, yet you whine just becouse she is over pretective..bravo, reading this just reminded me how stupid our age became,and im 15, i hate when you people talk pretending that we arent there, i long to be back with me mother i'd do anything, and there are others just like me,but worse, but you selfish people dont know real pian.. now do you? so least thank your mother for not putting you though a teribble trauma like most of us, think about that next time you hate your mother 'couse she "took away my phone"

and im sorry if you think this is a hatefull coment, it isent, its just gets me so upset when i see people like you throwing away others longings your blessings, im the older sister of four girl,i was sepratedby two and my mother, inever had afather and im doing my bestfor my sisters in hope i can see them agian, please dont take your blessing as a curse, anyways its up to you not me.

plz stfu just because she is ur mom doesnt mean she owns u

You don't need a ******* mother you need an English teacher because damn u are dumb asf

I think you forgot what its like to be a teenager. But even then, you may have had an easy childhood, but for others and me, all there is, is pain, frustration, and depression. And while the main post above may not have played that case, you haven't considered all possibilities of what could be a blessing.

If it hurts you, is it a blessing?
If you were told you were a mistake, is that a blessing?
If all you are is a punching bag, is that a blessing?

Think about it.

Exactly. I know it's a while later, but my mom is ******* me off now too. The whole respect thing is funny too, like shut up. I didn't choose to come in existence you brought me here, so I'm not going to listen to your stupid rules. She is such a *****

My mom is just like that. She is a selfish *****. An *******. She wants every ******* thing to go the way she wants. Even what i wanna do eith my friends. Eve. If i wanna wash my hair or whatever she wants to control my life. She makes my life hell. I hate her. The ptoblem is that i am from an indian family. We live in melb and my parents wont evenet me move out. She hits and shouts if she is in a bad mood. I can write. Thesius on her bitchy ******* face.

You, my friend, are a SPOILED BRAT!!!! Your mother pushed the mound of ingratitude called you through your vagina, therefore she gets to say what you can do and can't do until you're 18. Get over it!!!! You should have asked her if you could dye your sister's hair! Jesus, I would have gotten 20 lashes for that. if I were your mother, I would ground you for a month for this post.

How the **** is that being a spoiled brat all she was doing was dyeing her sisters hair just because she is ur mom doesnt mean they own u and get to control your entire life like i understand u should listen to your mom cause she takes care of u but doesnt mean she get to control your entire life

I think you are a toxic influence.
You really had it easy huh? Maybe get in some small yelling match with your mother, even a small grounding or two. And here you are attacking an outlet for this person to get it off their chest.

Perhaps the main post above wasn't quite on key, but you clearly never experienced pain from your mother. And its not quite educational, in fact much less noble than that. I mean being told your useless would put you down right? Or are you masochistic and pain is your pleasure? Either way, I don't know if you ever knew what it was to be a normal human. Humans have frustrations, anger, stress. So you feel proud of insulting a frustration outlet?

No? Didn't think so.

So let me put it in a way your seemingly feeble mind can understand, not all moms are perfect, never. But to properly measure it would be, what did you get out of your mother? I mean, I still remember those bruises when she came into my room during 12 at night, waking me up and getting the metal pole and hitting in the hallway. My sister had her door closed, my dad taking night shift, no one heard me cry at the age of 10. I remember stuttering for an explanation when the teacher saw my arms, I didn't know what to say, I used to love my mother, so I tried to protect her. All that did was earn me another 12 o'clock beating. Continuing to highschool, I was cut up by a broken wine bottle from her, told everyone my cuts were from a bike accident. It was only until 25, that I thought "Maybe that was a mistake," But to put it shortly, thats what I got out of mine...

Really not a good reason. I understand your mad at her for taking your belongings. At least she didn't hurt you. And you dont HAVE to text your boyfriend and friends. You have enough time to talk to them outside of home. You could have avoided it by actually ASKING your mom. Yes, I understand you were trying to do your sister a favor, but it was more harm than good. Thats not the best reason to hate your mom. Stop being so immature. When you grow older you will fully appreciate her and regret your selfishness. Find a new way to communicate and get along with your mother.
(if only this wasn't 7 yrs late. I just had to let my words out.)

I think moms need to cool the **** down or stop having children.

As kids we don't get them, but they don't care to explain themselves. "adults shouldn't have to explain themselves" they say

And they are indifferent or do not have time trying to take time to understand our lives.

Don't tell me this crap about in the future you will grow up to live ur mom cuz its not true I'm 23 and my memories of my mom still make my life hell. She would torture me day and night. I was thinking of killing myself that's how much pain I was in. When I graduated I ran left for college far away and never came back to see her. When I was 10 I would have to cry myself to sleep. Some of you have life perfect but for others its just hell so don't give us that **** of how deep inside ur parents care for you because you dont hurt the people you care about

My Mom is being a dumbhole to me recently believing that corporal punishment is the correct way to discipline a child when it is psychologically proven that it will only add more issues and there's also the time where i accidentally made a very small mistake and then she kicked me on my ******* FACE EVEN THOUGH IT WAS JUST A TRIVIAL THING!
Hysterical Mothers "sighs"

so basically my mom takes my sisters side all the time and treats me and my brother like utter **** she talks to my sister about **** and it ****** me off so i googled why is my mom a ***** for this reason

p.s she does exactly the angry face series and everything when im doing somthing like i helped my brother paint his room and shes like Not doing it right look this is how you do it blah blah blah

I literally feel you. My mom is being like that right now thats why I googled it and found this. I have 3 more years left until I graduate and I hope to move to California. At the moment I am waiting for the person herself to get home and scream at me and probably take my stuff away. Helllll noooo.

You're a teenager. Once you move to California and get older you will learn to appreciate your mom. Its only a matter of time till you understand. I know i sound like an old lady but really.

my moms an *******. so i heard a baby cat outside while it was really obssesed with animals.she told me WE would go outside together aand look for it. so 5 ****** minutes later i ask my dad, "where dafuq is mom?" he replies outside lookin for a cat. im like who da **** she think she is? ******* *** lickin **** scucking *****.

Wow. Im amazed by your stupidity. Your mother was still trying to find the cat. You got mad because it was without you..... wow.

My mom is a ****,*****,******* I wish she dies in 2 minutes my life would be better and she takes my phone and change the password wtf😥

Really? imagine your mom actually dies and you're left with your stupid peice of technology. Would that make your life better, a stupid phone?

That's a horrible thing to say about the person that gave you life. You should be disgusted!

My "mom" is a huge ***** too. I'm moving to live with my dad this year just to get away from her. I don't even think of her as my mom. She's just some ***** who gave birth to me.

My "mom" is a huge ***** too. I'm moving to live with my dad this year just to get away from her. I don't even think of her as my mom. She's just some ***** who gave birth to me.

I accidentally connected to the wrong wifi network on my computer and my mom started screaming at me about using data and she took away my phone and won't let me confront her about the problem she just keeps yelling at me.

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My mom is the same way I'm a guy tho and my mom is the exact same way when I do **** with my friends an brothers

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Really I watched my mom be a dope fend drunk welfare momma her whole life. And drink herself to death die get a liver transplant with help only from me and one other person. Then come back to life and blame me for her wrongs. So sorry about your computer. Poor kid.

Both my parents died when I was 6. Me and my brother both went unditected for 2 years then the drunk neon or guy found out my older brother protected me with his life and the drunk man next door took it from him.i was only 6 and didn't know what to do so I go packed some clothes and walked to my brothers school. I told them what had happened and they NEVER caught the drunk man who killed my brother my only living relative or so I thought then I went to my aunt quinine who was literally a ***** and she decided I would be a ***** to and didn't home school me like she said she would I never liked her but one time when I said I hated her she whipped me with her leather belt still have scars from it and she said that if I told she would kill me herself one day she got a boyfriend and guess what he acted all drunk but he wasn't he actually was an undercover cop who was investigating what had happened to me and my aunt was arrested for killing my parents and brother and the drunk man I never knew I had a grandpa but I was only 8 by then and had never watched tv or been introduced into the real world the nice lady with orange hair the investigator have me too introduced me to my grand pa and he was the best thing that ever happened to me until he had a heart attack and died in my arms I was in and out of foster care until I was 15 and I hadn't said a word since my grandpa died when I wAs 11 when I turned 15 it turned out that I had an uncle Steve in Alaska I mean come on Alaska so I moved in with uncle Steve he was my grandpas only son. And was just like my grandpa he told me stories and took me on trips and walks one day on our walks he was mauled by a bear and later died I then came into this nice family who turned out to be drug dealers and I was taken away from them when I was 17 I never did have a real home but I never cut myself and I think what helped me was that I didn't talk to anyone for 4years and I am doing well and I don't think I will ever have a family of my own but I have a wonderful fiancé and have my degree in vetrinarian studies I just thought I would share my story with u

You guys are freaking ungrateful. You know how lucky you are to have a mother?! My mom died when I was 13! freaking 13! I hadn't even have my period yet. Yes, My mom yelled, took away my phone didn't let me do stuff. But I NEVER once said I hated my mother. As they said,"You only miss it when it's gone." Just love your mother she'll always be there for you.

Thank you for being a great example, even though I, myself, am infuriated with my mother, for all the right reasons, this can help those stuck up teens with stupid problems realize how selfish they are.

Well I got bruises out of my mother, could still remember the set of bumps on my head and the black and blue arms I had to explain to my teachers. I remember the day I could barely move my arm. I remember being hit so hard that the pole used on me had cut me across the cheek. I guess I just didn't do well enough in school or something.... I do wonder to myself, is that something I was grateful for?

My "mom" is a ******* *****. Tonight, we fought over doing the ******* dishes. Every ******* night I do the dishes. On Tuesdays, I run the vacuum around the house. Thursdays, I do the bathrooms. And every ******* night I do the entire kitchen. I clean basically everything but the walls and ceilings. Every night, my mom leaves all of her **** in the sink, and sits on her *** for the rest of the ******* night. Tonight, she and my pain in the ** of a grandmother (56 not old-old) left all their **** in the sink. AGAIN. I know what you're thinking, "It's no big deal", I HAD TO WASH 3 POTS, 2 PANS, THE COUNTERS, AND THE FLOOR. They couldn't be ******* bothered to put their **** in the dishwasher and make it a little easier for me. They also screamed at me for asking them, very politely, to start putting their utensils and dishes in the **** dishwasher. The old one went to bed. But my "mom" kept ******** at me because she cleaned up after me for years. (I WAS ******* 5). I hate how she keeps using events from over 10 years ago against me. And all this **** was over me asking her to please put her ******* **** in the **** dishwasher.

I know how you feel. All my mom does in complain and complain and yell and cuss. It really gets on her nerves. She has so much negative energy that it can ruin my day under a minute. If negativity was a military, she would be an outpost for them.

My mom is that was as well. I can not stand it. She dose it so much i do not know what i going to do. She is a ***** and so are my borther and sister. My bad do not do nothing about it. He just sit on his *** and do nothing all ******* day. I wish i was in a better family than i am in right now. They are all *****.

My mum is exactly like this, always making a big deal out of nothing, Its ****** me off so much

I had a great day until I came back from school and at home my mom just decided that she was gonna be in a ******* ****** mood and when I ask her where my dad is and she says AT HIS MEETING HES BEEN HAVING THIS SAME MEETING FOR HOW MANY MONTHS NOW! And I'm kind of PISSED but o don't show it because I have control and I never explode on her and she always claims that when I do which is like ONCE A ******* YEAR that I'm a MOODY *** PUNK ***** whenSHES THE ******* ONE THAT MAKES ME WANT TO RAM HER FACE IN THAT ***** and then before were eating dinner I ask her how long I have to warm something up but she looks pissed FOR NO DAMN REASON and I put it I and remember to take the cover off and then IN HER STUPID ******* MOOD SHE DECIDES THAT I DIDNT TAKE IT OFF AND RAGES AT ME THAT DID I TAKE THE COVER OFF and I did so I BARELY EVEN EXPLODE AND I JIST SAY I DID! I DID! LOOK! AND THEN BECAUSE SHE ACCUSED ME WRONG AND I DID NOTHING IN FACT I DID THE RIGHT THING THAT IM A DAMN *** PUNK but I don't say anything even though IM SO PISSED OFF EVEN MORE SO WHEN I ACT MAD AT THE DINNER TABLE SHE SAYS I HAVE NO RIGHT TO BE PISSED AHEN SHE DOES EVERTHING BLA BLA BLA **** HER **** HER ******* IT **** HER, and for the rest of the night SHE ******* ABOUT MY DISRESPECT BUT I KNOW AND ALL YOU KNOW THAT A LOAD OF BULLSHIT SO **** MY STUPID *** GODDAM WHRE CUMBUBBLE GAY *** MOM!!!!!!!!

My mom broke my laptop and refuses to fix it, she didn't even bothered coming over and take a look, and now all my homework, coursework are gone. thanks to her

my mums a ***** because she ******* abit me behind my back with my auntie in the same house as me then complains that im being ignorant because i get annoyed when she ******* about me when in the first place i hadnt even done anything wrong!! Tbh im sick of adults on my mums side of the family they bore me and are alwayes bitching like teenage girls and it ****** me off, i thought adults especially my mom are supposed to respectable grown people who teach you wrong from right cuz im pretty sure bitching about your own family members is wrong!

my mother is nice,but when we talk about school she is a *****,and i dont know why,i am not bad at school

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My mom is just like that a *****. She loves her niece and nephews more than me. I can understand what do you feel when you're mom
even insults you in front of the public.


first world problems, least she doesn't hit you. (7 years ago)

They'll normally have a boyfriend do it for them.

Maybe if you actually respected your mom she would actally let you get away with stuff or making deals too. Trust me, moms are there to protect you and teach all sorts of life stuff, there
not there to get mad at you or yell at you. Remeber she put you in this world and she can easily take you out of it. But in it all, show more respect and try to not break the rules to much and maube good stuff will start happening in return

I respected my mom when I was younger. I held her to the highest regards.
And I recieved the end of a metal pole. Some people have wonderful childhoods, I only could remember bruises. It seemed to go well as soon as I left for college. Perhaps I did do something wrong, something I can't recall. But I do recall seeing the ER for a subdural hematoma, caused by blunt force trauma as they say.

My mother is kinda the same way. She gripes about everything under the freaking sun. She told me while ago about how she is tired of having to do everything for us ungrateful kids. I am 18 but I can't afford to move out. Boy I wish I could. I work when I am not in school yet I am lazy. She told me that she is surprised that I can hold down a job. Does your mom ever yell at you that she wished that you weren't girls? My mom everyday screams at me your aunt got lucky she got the boy while I ****** up and got the girls. Why does God hate me? Grrr she ****** me off so much I can't help it I am not a guy.

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My mom is the biggest b**** of all ...she hits me so bad on my face......i have experienced bleeding 2 times.She beats me if i answer wrong when she is teaching me algebra or if i reply a bit loudly to her.i sadly don't have a dad.she tells me that i am unlucky to her and she did a mistake by giving birth to me.As i live in India it's hard for me to report this to police.She calls me gay jjust because i like to wear bright coloured t-shirts.if i tell her something in anger she starts to beat me up,i cant do anything as she's stronger than me.She always keeps shouting at me and tells me what all she does like cleanin,cooking etc...she is the only parent.i have a younger brother but he's not treated the same.i don't know what to do....feel like dying,somebody please help me :(

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my mum banned my phone for half a year she says i look slutty when i wear jeans and a normal cropped top you should realise about other people i am the middle child i think she hates me so deal with it!

Youre a dumb ***** and you don't NEED to talk to your boyfriend and you don't NEED to talk to your friends. Did she buy those items? If so, they're hers to take. Even though she bought them for you, they are hers: you're annoying and id shove you in a closet till your 18 and then tell you get outta my house because i don't allow stupid ignorant annoying ******* to live in my house! Have a nice life retard.

That is s.k.a.n.k

yeah, but no mother should ever say that their daughter looks slutty

Not all childhoods are perfect....
You talk about doing some harmful things, but you never had harm done on you.
It's alright, I understand that parental frustration of teens, but then I also understand the darker side of parenting. While you had it good, some people may have had it worse. Just consider it.

#1 - she said not to do sonething in her home. U disobeyed. U get punished. Sorry but thats life.
#2 - I ask for an explanation why u can not dye your hair. If its trival or silly talk to your sister and try to explain it to her BEFORE u take action.
#3 - if she still says no. Dont dye it in the house. Id say up and have it done nicely. It will look WAY better plus it'll compliment u. Ur mother is trying to look iut for you. U are a reflection of her parenting. U dye it. It'll hurt u and her possibly. She may be trying to teach u to love what u have.
#4 - life is WAY better without a cell phone. U make better friends and live life in the moment. Trust me on this one.
#5 - its tough. Look from things from ur moms persepctive.

i so agree

Honestly, my mom is usually like that too only she doesn't listen when you want her to listen. Like, ill listen to whatever she has to say only to talk and she will ignore me. Like YOU TOTAL *****! WHAT THE **** IS WRONG WITH YOU GOD DAMN WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM!?!

totes my mom is a ***** too

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Read this very carefully, kids. It's long with bad grammar and make little sense but this might prevent a lot of guilt you might have in the future when she is no longer on this earth. Your mom can be a pain some times and by far no one is perfect, even mothers. However, your mother is the only person in your entire life who will love you the most. By far.

My mother did many not so good things to me. For instance, between 12-17 (34 now) my mother had mental problems. At the age of 12 I had to start making my own food. I had no mother. At times I did not eat as all the pills she needed made us even poorer. She tried to kill herself regularly and a couple times came very close. When she was not in a mental hospital, she would mentally abuse me. One time for no reason she cut up all my baseball cards that I really liked right in front of me. She knew it was my favorite hobby and the only thing I owned. The only possession I used to brag about all the time to my once friends and traded cards with them. I loved those cards. It gave me a break from the real world and in the situation I was in at that time. It really was only the possession I had at that time. I could go on as that was just one tiny example of what she did to me but I think you get the message.

After 17 she changed for the better. She no longer tried to kill herself and quite frankly, the only thing that kept her alive were her kids. She also had many physical problems and had many diseases. She had tons and tons of surgeries. Her life was no picnic. She was sexually abused and beaten by her father. When I was 12 that is when her mother died as well. That put her over the edge. Am I making excuses for her? No. However you have to understand mothers are humans as well. They have problems just like us. Like all humans, they can change for the better. Also, once more, you will never find anyone in your entire you life who loves you like your mother does. The last 15 years of her life she was bed-ridden as she was pretty much crippled. She was in tons of pain daily yet she still tried to be the best mother she could be. We used to talk daily for years. She was my best friend. She really was. She was always nice and was always had a positive out look on life. Her life was awful at the end and quite frankly, she had nothing to be positive about but she was. She was for her kids. She also wanted to get better and I did my best to help her do that.

Well, the last part of my book... My mother passed away this year on May 31. She suffocated right in front of me while I was calling 911. She died a day before her birthday. I was acting like I forgot her birthday and was going to surprise her with something I knew she would have really liked. They did revive her but she was brain dead and she died (again) on June 10. She would have been 61 in a day. The whole death was avoidable as well. She was supposed to get some medical equipment that would have prevented all of it. I will not get into that as this post is way too long and I am all over the place as it is.

Is 60 that far off from how old your mother is now? What maybe 20 years till your mothers are 60? Think about that. My whole point is yes your mother can be a real you know what at times but they love you more than you will ever begin to understand and they will not be around forever. For those who have real problems and not petty things about their mother: Keep in mind again, they are humans and can change for the better. For those who call their mothers all sorts of names for stupid petty crap? Be glad you have a mother still. None of what you are moaning about now will matter at all when you find yourself without a mother. You will not remember all the petty stuff she did to you, you will spend all your time missing her every single second of the day.

I hope me being all over the place and with my bad grammar that still some can get a message out of this. I understand a lot of what I wrote makes little sense. This is a touchy subject for me and I really do not think clearly when I talk about this. To tell you the truth, I am so upset with some who moan about stupid petty crap about their mothers that all I see is red.

Once more, I hope somehow I got my message across and I hope you start treating your mothers with respect and maybe do some nice thing for her?


It would never stop the pain I felt, but I understood your little wall of text.
Now I know your thinking I felt something quite mediocore, like having my phone taken away or a small ban on a party. Well, no, I didn't have it as easily as you did, and I found that coming home from school and getting smacked around by the equivalent to a metal baseball bat was common for me. I, before, always held my mom to the highest regards, and did everything to treat her right. It was responded with a quick slap to my forehead and off to my room, it was until 8 that I didn't know anything about the meal called "dinner". I thought it was natural back then to sleep hungry. I looked out for my mom, tried to keep her out of trouble, but it rarely ended well for me. If I was lucky, I get hit with a wooden 2 by 4.
So thats what happened when I tried to treat her, how about you? I look at all the diverse lives that people go through, so surely yours must have been fine for you to put an educational wall up here like this.

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Heart this if your mom (like mine) is an irrational, one sided fuking tool who just yells at people when she can and accuses you of shhit that you don't do

I hate her. Luke now, she just put me on punishment for asking to hang out with my friend. She wont even let ne out of tgis fxcking house! I try my best not to hit her or say shxt to her but she pxssing me off. She always taking my younger brother's side and never believes me. I cant spebd the night at a friends house, i cant talk to them on the phone, i cant hang out with them, I cant even go places besides school! I JUST WANT HER TO GO FXCKING DIE IN HER SLEEP!

Ok listen i logged onto this because my mom was being horrible and rude and i get it not all moms are great my mom is definitely not my best friend half the time but saying that you want her to die in her sleep is overkill. I know you don't mean it literally but within the past 3 weeks two of my friends moms have died from cancer. And i know most people think well that wont be my mom. But think how you would really feel if she died. My mom has cancer too and it makes me feel like a bad person for getting mad at her because who knows how long she has left so when i get really mad you need to step back adn think what is really important and what can you do to change what you don't like. Sit down and tell your mom, say mom seriously your making me regret everything. Your completely unfair and you are horrible to me. See what she says and just explain

She's overacting majorly and sounds like a control freak but in all honesty she did pay for the phone, right, and she pays the bill every month, correct? A phone isn't something she's required to give you. You can live without it. If you paid the bill every month it would be an entirely different story.

I can understand u my mother buy me a cell phone & then take it away from me? Have u buy it for me or for punish me whenever you want? I hate my mom so much & cant wait to move away from her bt im only 14 so I have to wait

MY mom is being a total psycho for no reason . It was all fine before my elder sister came to the 10th grade . We have a tough edu board in india and naturally , she was pressurized . But my mum was pressurizing me , who is two years younger than my sister . I was scoring pretty darn well , about 95% , and she says that i can't do anything but text and complain . I go for dance classes , music , i paint , i doodle , i play sports , i study , i clean and the only thing i do in my free time is use my phone . She takes it away and she tells me that my friends are b****es . She is two faced and talks behind everyone's back . And my dad's posted in another state , miles away . Sometimes i hope that she went away instead of my dad . How long can i only smile and walk away ? Its not that i hate my mom , but i just hope she changes for good .

I know right ? My mom is taking my mom without reason all the time! When I have cleand up the home and asked her abouy something during the cleaning she took my phone for a mounth. My dad is living far from me to but when he can we meet and he is the only that help to deal with the mess of my mom the problem is that we barely mitting

Omg My mom is a ***** but like makes food and buys stuff etc ( she thinks just because she buys stuff for me makes me fortunate) . but like when someone gets her mad she angry at everyone ..... For example once I said I hate this place and I've said it before so she was like "that's so embarrassing" and starts yelling at me like I've done something illegal then she like grabs my jaw and squeezes as hard as she can like wtf .... But then there was this other issue where she straight up kicked me a couple times and grabs my neck and pushes me against the wall like she's trying to choke me SHES SO CRAZY!!

Dude, (gal) calm down. Sure parents can be douchebags in that case - however, I'm sure they still love you.

I mean, to be honest, if you had a mom like mine, you'd pay to have your mom back.

She's a hyprocrite. E.g. My little brother sits right beside her, he pulls out a peg and puts it on his finger, cries. She goes, 'OH are you alright? I just wanted to have a moment to myself, dearie. I promise I will never do it again.'

And she does it again, on a pretty much daily occurence.

My little brother bumped his head, he happens to be on the same floor, but not the same room as me. Mom runs upstairs, I apologise (out of habit, because she is an unreasonable *****) to both her and him. She goes: DON'T YOU DARE APOLOGISE!!! MAYBE YOU SHOULD HAVE LOOKED AFTER HIM BETTER!!!!

And if this happens more than 3 times a week - she screams and cries on the floor and asks me to leave and never come back again.


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omg i hate my mother too. firstly me being nice yeah, i make her lunch cuz i think that she does do things for me so i should do the same in return. then i accidentally mixed the dinnner in the lunch yeah i never knew that it was dinner. then the ***** rages at me and starts hitting me and beating me up. like wtf who does that minor mistakes. now its day 2 and the ***** wont even let me outta the house i swear down she made me cut myself and im so depressed even looking at that ***** face. wish i was a bit older. **** my life i feel like giving up and committing suicide cuz i cant deal with this **** no more

did she take your pony away too?

I F*cking agree xcaramichelle my mum F*cking rage at me for **** that doesn't even freaking matter.... Stupid *****

You know what I would do at my moms funeral I would say "FINALLY THAT ******* LITTLE BITCHING ***** IS DEAD AND OUT OF MY LIFE FOR GOOD and then spit on her grave until its ******* midnight! Reply back

This is
******* disgusting! Uno what u should be ashamedof.yourself. I'm a cow to my mum but I would be devastated if she died u horrible human
Your mother brought u into this world u ungrateful piece of trash
I'm 13 n uno I have way more.respect for my mother
That was just too far

Go to h3ll you self-righteous b1tch. How bout you experience something more difficult than your mother not buying you a unicorn before you make Ur idiotic judgements.

oh shut the **** up and appreciate that your mother is there for you , when she dies will you being crying at her funeral or be calling her a douche bag

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It sounds to me like you are the problem in this story. Your mom expressly told your sister no, you infringe, but you can't seem to know why she got angry? Who cares if it's harmless, it is blatantly insubordinate, and that is the reason you got punished. Also, I find it curious that you would rather call your friends than your boyfriend, so I see another issue all together.

Do you tell your children not to twiddle their thumbs and then yell at them when they do it out of habit? The harmlessness of this was the whole point? What next, will u tell your child not to breath?

My mom is like that to... But she does things a little differently. Ok so my mom doesn't know what she wants to be, she want to be sad/tired/moody/bitchy/nice... So when I was 9 my mom saw me as her personal babysitter, I've been raising my own brother since then, a year and a half ago she had another boy... I've failed my term because I have to watch my baby brother. On weekends I have to babysit from 6am. I never have time to study. Ok so whenever we fight, she calls me a ***** or a **** or whatever. Whenever my dad goes back to iraq for bussines she lies to him for money and she makes me lie aswell. When he's there she's fine with me. She acts all nice and ****. When he's here she acts as if she is a strict mother! Ok so like more than a month ago she invites one of my guy friends om FB and starts talking to him on whatsapp. I took her fone to see what they were talking about, and she was flirting with him like ****!!!! She doesn't know I know... So that pretty much pissed me off... The one weekend we go to one of her friends house in another town so we decided to spend the night. I went to look for one of my girlfriends and my boyfriend came with. So her mother told me she went to my aunts house. I went there and she wasn't there. So I wasn't gonna leave my aunts house, that would be rude! So I had a cup of coffee and we talked a little. I went back to my mom and them but they weren't there. My grandma said they went to look for me and my boyfriend, when they came back, my mom said I lied I wasn't where I said I'd be. My aunt came to me and said my mom told her I'm probably ******* my boyfriend somewhere. What kind of mother does that? She's so jelous of me because I'm not pregnant at the age of 18 and that I didn't drop out of school. I sing and act and I think that ****** her off because she never got that far... What's going on with the mothers of today ppl???