I Hate My Mom

A lot of you will probably say hate is a strong word. And your right. The word "hate" should only be reserved for things truly horrible, things that go against your morals and your peace of mind. But this is the only word that can possibly describe what I feel for my mother. She is the most selfish person I have ever met. It was okay a few years ago, but ever since she started losing weight it has gotten worse and worse. When I was a kid, she used to spank me. A lot. Over tiny things like not cleaning up my room or leaving a cup out. About two years ago she started to lose weight, going on diets and exercising excessivly. She's lost around 40 pounds by now, and is only a little heavier than me, which cannot be healthy for a 50 year old women.

Ever since she started losing, her reactions have become more violent. She's too smart to think she can get away with hitting us, but that doesn't stop her from threatening. She often throws a plate or a glass against the floor when she's mad, and then yells for someone to clean it up. She delegates to anyone but herself, claiming she has work to do, but ends up sitting her *** down on that couch and playing Farmville on Facebook. She claims that she has to do all the work, when in reality she does almost none of it. One time, she told my brother to go sweep leaves off the porch, and when she came outside, she started yelling and screming at him to do it again because it wasn't good enough. She then slapped him across the face, and threw his brand new bb gun in the trash.

She also wastes a lot of money that we can't afford to be losing. She spent $10,000 on a plastic surgery to remove fat from her stomach when she already looks anorexic. She blows money on clothes that she doesn't need and bearly ever wears. It may not sound like alot, but there are five kids in my family. The expenses for college are going to be around $1,000,000, and although my dad make an okay amount of money, her job as a teacher doesn't allow us to be so wasteful with money.

She acts more like a teenager that she should. She throws huge temper tantrums and is way too worried about her body. In addition to that, she feels the need to make me feel bad, telling me that if I don't go running with her, I'm gonna get fat, or sending be a nasty look everytime I go to get seconds one dinner. My dad recetly got transfered to another job, and I'm scared that my mom is going to start acting even more violent because he was the one to usually calm her down. I'm especially scared for my little brother, because she especially likes to pick on him. My older brothers have often talked about running away, but they're at college now and don't have to live with her. I honestly can't wait to get the hhell out of this house.
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Nov 27, 2012