She Is Discouraging Me .. Abt My Relationship (i Have Bf)

I dono whats wrong wit my mom .. she is wierd.. she curses me all the tym .. discourage me abt my relationship (bf).. that its never gona work .. he is cheating u .. using u .. he will leave u soon .. if u not gona listen to me .. u will definately gona suffer in lyf .. ! MOM i know what i am doing .. i am 19 now .. i love that guy .. i dont mind spending money for him .. i dont mind buying things for him .. and i dont think spend my time wit him is wrong .. ! i know my limits .. i am not going intimate ..! all i want is .. to be in his arms .. i want him in my life .. i know its a strange feeling .. but its LOVE mom .. i cant help it .. ! i am just trying to set a future wid him .. even if u cant support .. please dont discourage .. yell o curse at me .. cose i wana lead a golden lyf .. that happens ONLY IF HE IS WID ME ! Y cant ur freaking brains understand this .. ? People tell what to do ?
Divz993 Divz993
Nov 28, 2012