Porch Life

Hi I am 13 years old and my mom forces me to sleep on the porch in 30 degree weather with only a sleeping bag. its all because I get below a c of a grade
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Same here

You need to tell a teacher or a friend about that bull ****. That is neglect!! Do you feel inspired to do better, when she does that? Probably not! Tell someone

my mum is horrible...whenever i do the smallest thing wrong she slaps me and shouts at me then she chucks me out of the house late at night. I go to my granddads house and i stay for a while until i have to go back home. my granddad knows about it all but just lets my mum do whats she wants to me....im 12 and its my birthday in 2 days....i want to die......i just want to be loved instead of telling random people my life.

You need to tell an adult at your school, or church, a cop. Someone anyone dear. This is wrong. Get help and do it now. Please