I Am No Longer 6

Today i asked my mom if i could spend the night at my friends house . She had never met my friends parents, so her answer was " no but she can stay over here." I am going to be 17 in a month, you'd think by now she would let me spend the night at a friends house without our parents being bestfriends. I guess she just can take a hint: i dont want to be around her!and now what do i say to my friend when she asks me if i can comeover tomorrow... "sorry i cant because im still 6 and my mommy has to have a fricken sit-down lunch with your mommy before i can spend the night at your house"! God i hate my over protective mother.
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my mom does the same thing. Im almost 18. WHAT *******!!!

When you're 18 move out and do what you want. Quit complaining or are you going to be a loser and stay at home for free and expect to be able to do whatever you want?

While I'm at it let me tell you why I hate my mom. She's dead, but that's a moot point. She was one of those mom's that didn't do her job. I did whatever I wanted from about 13 on. So I got into drugs, hung out with mostly other kids that did drugs, none with aspirations to go to Stanford that's for sure and to top it off one of my best friends back in those days OD'd on herion on Thanksgiving. He was a transient so no biggie I guess. But, if I had a mom like yours I probably would have hung out with the right kids and gone on to Stanford become a lawyer and believe me if I was a lawyer I'd be the lawyer that lawyer's go to when they get busted. So, go ahead move out get a taste of life, but take it from me, it doesn't taste all that great when you're not prepared...

Im sorry for the your losses sir. I am not a dumb kid or at least i would like to think i am not. I do hang with the right crowd , i have stright A's, i take up my after school time with sports and clubs, i am talking a cosmetology corse so when i graduate i will have a job right out of school to support my way through collage, and i am not interested in drugs or alcohol or anything of that matter. I would like to live a long healthy life, and i would like to live it to the fullest. I responded using snap judgment due to me being a little agravated at the time. I have no intentions of moving out however what i was trying to make a point about in my first post was that i am a getting older and i would like more freedoms , and i know that she means well, but sometimes i do feel a bit smuthered by her overprotectiveness. Hate is also a very harsh word, and i was cought up in the moment , and now i can see that i should be thankful for her extream sence of worry for me.

It's the parents responsibility to meet and judge and then decide whomever you will hang out with until you are 18 and pay for your own way in life. Then you can do what you want, but you won't because you will still live at home and like most ungrateful brats probably think you deserve to do whatever you want. Want life to be your way. Make money and move out or shut up. Oh I'm sorry that wasn't respectful. Make money and move out or be quiet. See I can be politically correct, but it was totally phony I'm just a pragmatist.

Thank you i do under stand what you are saying, and you are right . I think itis about time i move out! Yep that is what i will do. Splended!

Good choice. Hope you can do it on your own. It's not easy especially in this sucky Obama economy. But, best of luck to you.

Thank you, and not to get political, but i hope you were not a romney supporter unless you like to keep women in a binder too. Sorry im still a little fired up about that.

Nope I voted for Ron Johnson. The only one that made any sense. What does that mean, keep women in a binder? I didn't hear that and I don't get it.

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