A Stressed Out Wreck

I always grew up being the second placer in the eyes of my mom. My sister was her joy and her favorite. She raised her as an ignorant and selfish girl with a high opinion of herself. She could do no wrong to my mother. It's not my sister's fault. My wretched mother took out all her stress and anger on me and made me do the work when she was at her mediocre job at a small school for her self-confidence. My biggest fear is becoming like her.
drawesome3 drawesome3
1 Response Nov 29, 2012

thats whats happening with my mom, i work my a** off everyday to support her, do all my chores and more!and guess what, shes not imprssed, she calls me lazy,and i dont do anything wrong, but when my sister naggs and runs away from home she huggs her and if i ever do that she will probably kick me out, also, my sister does nothing excpt watches and eats and i have to clean after her most times, my mom never says anything