Why Me.

my mum is horrible...whenever i do the smallest thing wrong she slaps me and shouts at me then she chucks me out of the house late at night. I go to my granddads house and i stay for a while until i have to go back home. my granddad knows about it all but just lets my mum do whats she wants to me....im 12 and its my birthday in 2 days....i want to die......i just want to be loved instead of telling random people my life. i need someone to say i dont have to be sat in a pitch black room anymore
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Dear maceyrose
I am sorry you are experiencing painfull times. All I can say is it will pass....be strong, and try to read about the power of your mind and spirit to help you live through difficult situations and coming out of them stronger and wiser...

It is very damaging to live with a mentally ill mother. I feel like a survivor ...like a war survivor..and I am 50 years old.
Try to read about bipolar people, it might help you understand certain things. But in my case some times it make things more difficult because on those books I see mothers that are bipolar but with medication improve and do not torture their children....not mine. She is 73 and still mean and nasty. This is a good site, please write here how you feel, it does help specially at your age. People that have not experienced the devastation of an abusive parent, cant relate and will never understand you. In my experience they tend o judge you as a bad daugther to your "poor mother" . Prepare your self to get away as soon as you can. Study hard so you can get a good education and be financially stable...
Dont let gilt make you feel bad about living your mother, it is for your sanity.....and have as a goal in life to NEVER treat your kids in an abusive way. God bless you

on the 15th jan 2013 i went into a foster home....i guess its okay.

I'm so sorry that you have a mom like that. My mother is a lot like that too. Let me tell you, It will only get worse, find a way to cope with it. You need to remember that just because she is your parent, she can do whatever she wants with your emotions. Keep your head up, only a couple more years until 18.

on the 15th jan 2013 i went into a foster home....i guess its okay.

really?? How is it?