My Mom Is Crazy And Manipulative

My mom is a *****.  im 17. When I was little she would yell at my sister me after soccer games bc i wasn't good enough. she would make my sister and me run suicides and to excersizes when I was in third grade and would punish and yell at me if they werent good enough.  Her accuse is "I only want what is best for you." I have struggled with depression, anxiety and sleep disorders my whole life and would write stuff down in a journal to cope because i had no one to talk to.  of course she was reading it and lied about it for years.  it makes me so angry still to this day, and this she confessed to reading it during my freshman year.  Im a senior now and still have issues, but it is hard to write stuff down.  the worst part is she read about the stuff I was stuggling with and still has the nerve to insult my character and me as a person! she uses stuff that she read against me when she gets mad and then other times she will act as if she didn't read it at all.  I am going to disown her when I am 21 hopefully and will never see her again.  she makes me sick.  its to the point where i dont hate her anymore.  Nothing she says even affects me.  when she goes out i wish that she would get in a car accident and die so I dont have to deal with her anymore.  I am tired of her abusing me, my dad, and my sister one minute and the next minute she acts like nothing happend.  She is a manipulative liar that has no job and no friends, sits home all day and watches t.v.   Onced I realized that she is a low life and that I am superior to her, things don't suck as much. 
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1 Response Nov 30, 2012

Sorry to hear that, I grew up with a mom like that. I know just how you feel, but instead of hating her, you should feel pity for her. She is lost and miserable and not worth you spending any energy hating her. Once you are old enough to leave home, do it and never look back. People like that are poison, and they are not happy until they have poisoned everything and everyone around them. Keep your head up, you are young and have a beautiful future ahead of you...