All Work, No Play

My mom's so obsessive with everything I do. I just don't get it. She won't leave me alone and I'm sick and tired of her always criticizing me. I'm a multi-athlete, and I happen to play four sports: three in school for the different seasons, and one outside. The one outside of school involves the skating rink. My passions for figure skating have long passed, so I'm forced to play ice hockey.

So my school is having a fundraiser, and my friend's are actually going to be at the one place where I'm always isolated! Whenever I want to skate with my friends, my mom DEMANDS me to PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE. She's always nagging at me about stuff she doesn't even know about correctly! And she wouldn't even take me to the fundraiser. Isn't a sport supposed to be fun? I know she just wants me to be better, but this isn't even right! There's no time for fun anywhere on her schedule! And she thinks the other sports i play are completely useless, WHEN THEY'RE GREAT FOR COLLEGE APPS! She didn't live in America until she was 48, so she wasn't raised to go to school and know about great colleges. She's extremely gullible, whatever she hears, she believes. And it's so frustrating just to deal with her constantly nagging at me about grades, when she doesn't know how hard it is to juggle AP and Honor classes with sports. I don't even have time to spend with my friends, I'm pretty distant with the people (although I know many) and I don't have a "best friend". There's just no time or money, we have to be extremely conservative. Which I really appreciate from her, but she's not even supportive of it.

I especially hate when she tells me to just to stick to one sport! I'm not a fan of hockey/figure skating! I love volleyball and it will always be my passion! But she can't get that through her. I don't know what she's expecting from me. She's asking me to be something that I'm not. Why can't she just accept me for who I am?

And she tries to slap and hit me, but now that I'm actually taller and more fit/stronger than her, I usually hold her back because she tries to hit me for the STUPIDEST reasons. Like when I'm trying to close the with my feet, it makes a loudish thud, and she goes TRYING TO BE DISRESPECTFUL HUH YOU LITTLE ASDFJHLA and tries to hit me. I'm so sick of her putting out her anger out on me. I try to ignore her but she's just so frustrating to deal with, it's like she's never been a teenager or a kid. And trust me, when she was a teenager, she was WAY worse than me. She would spend the money that grandpa would give her to learn English, and go use it for guitar lessons instead. Which she never even stuck to.

I just think she's really lonely, because she has no friends. Literally like maybe two but she doesn't even talk to them. She's a real two face cuhs she takes smack behind EVERYBODY, even her sole two friends! She doesn't know what being a friend is. And then she tries to be MY friend which is really annoying, because she needs to be a mother. I just hate talking to her or being in her presence. I want to move out already, can't wait for college. Just a few more years and I can move out of this hell hole.
intr0vert intr0vert
18-21, F
Nov 30, 2012