Recently Becoming Homeless ,,mother Said No,,,you Can't Live With Me,

My Korean Wife,,,of 12 Years,,,We Bought a House together and Made Business together.,, ,
She Stole all of the Business Money,,,By Wiring Money back to South Korea,,United States Gave Her 2 Months Before Deporting Herself,,,In The Past 8 Years We Had 3 Different INS Lawyers,,,To Help her get a Green Card and to be a Citizen of the United States,,,I Built my Wife's Credit Score up to a 825 Middle Score,,,,When She Found out that she had to Deport herself,,,She Dumped All Her Credit,,,By Leaseing 3 Cars in 2 Days .Lexus ,BMW, Benz,,She only made the First Payment,,,Then Sold the New Cars ,,,,,,! Then She Took Home Loans against the property,,,5 Home Loans,,,And Never Paid Back,,,Then she Had 5 Credit Cards,And Raised them By Never Paying the Companies Back,,,,,Then She Did a Check Cashing Scam,,,,Agaisnt her Businesses,,,of Loans,,Then She Stop Paying House Mortgage on August 1 2011 , , She Deported Herself September 10,2011 ,I,, Before that she had her Korean C,P,A. Raise her Gross income tax return,,,,Which Left Me a $15,000.00 Debt,,,I Found out about all this Stuff,,,,Months After she Left United States,,,Camden County New Jersey Welfare Denied Me for Money Assitance ,,,only giving me $200.00 Food Stamps,,,The Electric Company turned off the House ,, On July 27,2012 I Ask My Mother in Southampton New Jersey if I Could Live With Her She Said No,,,,I Ask My Brother in Palymar N,J He Said No,,,,I Ask My Sister in West Chester P,A She Said No ,,,,My Sister in Red Hook N,Y,,She Said No ,,,So What the Hell are Family's For,,,
Scotto459 Scotto459
Dec 1, 2012