Shes Such A B****

UGH!!!!! maybe im just having a bad day, but UGHHHHHHH! ok so my mom is a teacher, so it's not my fault she has to deal with bratty kids all day. then when i ask her a simple question she explodes! i wanna rip my hair out she makes me so angry. she freakin wants me to do her dumb a** xmas shopping for her cause she is an old lady who hates stores lines and people. so i know the freakin limit but she acts like she has to tell me EVERYTIME i make a purchase! like MOM I KNOW HOW MUCH IM SPENDING! jeez do ur own damn shopping, and like its freakin JC PENNYs WTH can i possibly run up from there. UGH! so im like mom we got 80 left what is the card # so i can make these purchases, mind you, after i been searching for deals all damn day. she gonna say, "WELL HOW MUCH DID YOU SPEND< I THOUGHT WE WERE DONE! ugh her voice is sooo annoying!!! im like , dear we have enough"sarcastically, and then she explodes, DONT TALK TO ME LIKE IM DUMB! well don't freakin talk to me like im dumb! sheesh! UGH! I FREkin hate her right now>
shesmakingmecrazy shesmakingmecrazy
18-21, F
Dec 4, 2012