Two More Years!!!

okay , so for the first time in my entire 16 years in this world i got suspended for the very first time and this idiotic whale wants to cuss me out and say how dumb i am and how this is going to follow me . yet her favorite child was kicked out of numerous schools suspended frequently , repeated grades and failed everything and even was arrested in high school. her 2nd child repeated classes and repeated grades as well. now me up until now i had never been suspended , repeated classes , nor repeated grades only thing i do wrong is i have a very bad attitude. yet she wants to down me but look at her other two.... i'm so upset because this idiot wants to say i got kicked out of school, she has me all the way FCKED up if she think i would ever be dumb like her favorite child who lived off of her until his mid 20's and she loves him oh so much and brags on him oh so much yet he doesn't do not a thing for her!! she's a bad mother i never said that until now!! you curse your kids out , call them b.tches and hoes, and beat them but you feel you deserve parent of the fcking year? tuh, please!!! i have a smart mouth because growing up seeing how she did my sister i told myself it would never be me and i was serious. i don't care how old a person is i will NOT show them respect if they don't show me any! idc how nobody feels about that! today when she said i got kicked out i wanted to spaz so bad but i know see she's been waiting on me to really fck up so she can down me. today's the day i'm motivated to GO HARD. straight A's , a 4.0 & my own money is what i'm going for now if she didn't hate me before she's about to hate me now!!! and was i get that G.W. Carver High School Diploma i'm looking at all those who downed me and i'm going laugh my butt off! oh yeah that's another thing her favorite child has a GED the dumb fck wasn't even smart enough to receive an actual diploma! 2 more years and i'm out of here and i can't fcking wait!!! once i make it the only person i will ever do for is those who were there for ME. my grandma , my sister & my niece and younger siblings anyone else FCK EM!
ImOverMyLife ImOverMyLife
Dec 8, 2012