My 2 Son And Wife);

Is been 11 years I'm married. I was really hard worker. I try my best 11 years to make a family great father. but I get tiart .my wife make me enough of of all. I wasn't perfect with her but I was perfect father sports my family good. than one day I told her I want divorce omg than I left there was many things should be sold or somehow have to be done. I told her I'm OK withwwhat ever she over me. She never even think of divorce. I was sock I though she was ready the way she tried me at the time. I move it with nothing hire a lawyer .day 5 she find me she left kids with me she told me she doesn't want kids. When I back home to get some stuff for kids lock was change too. she told me if I'm totally back kids and I are welcome. I didn't back for 6 mounts. I was paying mortgage and the house I rent to I couldn't afford all .she didn't sold the house .than we back to her now no trust .my life horbel just kids are my life now);
alisanli alisanli
36-40, M
Dec 9, 2012