Obsessive Crazy Mad Woman!

Ever since I can remember my mum is always pissed at either me or my brother. We have done so much for. Provided emotional support when she went through cancer treatments. Provided financial support...actually I still do that. She never appreciates any of that. On top of that she constantly puts me down, and calls me an idiot and moron. I ******' have a degree in finance and economics and earn a six figure salary. Both my dad and mum live with me because they never have made enough money to own their own ******' house. My dad works at a department store as a cashier...he makes a whopping $12 dollars an hour. Mum doesn't work. I just want them out of my life. Especially my mum...she is so damn negative.
Hraichura Hraichura
Dec 10, 2012