My Mom Should Be In A Straight Jacket

everyday all day my mother is verbally abusive towards myself, my daughter ( who is 3) and my father. sometimes she even will put her hands on my dad when shes trying to make a point by tapping him or flicking him,. her tone of voice is nauseating and you want to punch her in her teeth. all she does is suck all the happiness out of any and every situation. if you have some good news to share she will look for and zone right to the negative and find some way to ruin it for you. when i was growing up she never hugged or kissed my sister and i.. she was always the strict one. yes i know theres always the more fun parent and sometimes its usually the dad and moms get the bad rep but im 26 and i know how to discipline my daughter properly yet i do show her tons of love and always support her. im in nursing school full time to be an RN because i want to give myself and daughter a good life and have nice things. in the meantime my mom is my full time babysitter. i despise it. she tries to control everything in everyone elses lives. all her friends dont come around anymore they wont even come over but the occasional times shes on the phone with any of them or around them shes an entirely different person. her friend charlotte has been in our lives for 30 years yet the woman has no idea how my mom treats her family. she is nicer to the family dogs and outsiders then she is to us. her and my dad have had financial problems the past couple years and whenever my mom is talking to her friend or our housekeeper( who also is a family friend) she plays this victim bullshit to everyone. i want to tape record her. she belongs on dr phil but she would never admit she has a problem. my sister , my dad, and myself have all at some point of our lives been on anti depressants and my mom thinks shes superior and fabulous because according to her she doesnt " need" drugs like us " drug addicts". when i finally get my degree i never want to see her again. i will admit im no doormat. when my mom says ugly **** to me i give it right back because the whole ignore thing isnt working. she calls my father fat in front of my three year old and im trying to show my daughter this behavior is unacceptable. im really at my breaking point. if my father does eventually die first my mom is going to end up alone with no family. the sad truth of it is though ,.. i dont think she even cares. she acts like she hates us all and this is nothing new.... this has been getting progressively worse for 30 years.
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Dec 10, 2012