A Horrible Mother

I just wanted to create this blog, so that individuals can chat about their experiences with their Mothers.

My relationship with my Mother has been a rocky road for so long now that I would just like to forget the whole experience. My parents divorced when I was very young, and my Mother was awarded custody of my Sister and I. My life was full of dysfunction. There was always drama were my Mother was concerned. My Mother’s sexual exploits became her first priority. The welfare of my Sister and I “took a back seat”. My Father had visitation every other weekend, and then my Mother farmed us out to Grandparents, when my Father did not have us. (This arrangement worked great for me because I loved my Father and Grandmother) She did not want her Children to interfere with her activities.

When I was living with my Mother and going to school, I was not given a bath so I was a mess. I was made fun of in school. My Mother’s boyfriend and the boyfriend’s brother abused my Sister and I. My Sister and I were babysat by the boyfriend’s brother, so my mother could continue her activities, and he beat the crap out of us. I started having nightmares etc… Well, to make a long story short, my Father filed for custody and won. Now, we are talking about the 60’s and 70’s and Father’s did not get custody of their Children as a rule, but my Father did. It was a horrible situation.

I was very happy living with my Father and Step-Mother, until my Mother kidnapped my Sister and I. She never asked us if we were unhappy, she just enrolled us in different schools. By the way, my Sister was sexually abused during time. Anyway, my Father hired a private investigator and both of us were found. Thank God! As a result of my Mother’s behavior, she lost total custody of my Sister and I and she moved 3000 miles away.

When I was a teenager, I had to go and visit her. Well, her sexualy exploits continued, and she taught me about drugs. Well, the crazyness continued. I had to visit her every summer and Christmas.
Well, I grew up and had a family of my own. When my older Son was about five years old, I visited her for a month. During this trip my Mother got mad and picked my son up from his hair. Well, that did it for me. Our relationship became astrained. I basicly wrote her out of my life. Nobody was going to treat my Children like that.She has been angry with me ever since. I stopped talking to her around 13 years ago because she called me and started screaming at me about not buying her a Christmas gift.
In 2010, I attempted to reconcile and invited her to my Son’s high school graduation. We had a big party with all of our friends, and she just bad mouthed me the whole time. I stopped talking to her again because it is just too much effort to maintain a relationship. My Mother is getting very old now, and she calls my Children and still bad mouths me. Will this every stop! It is really hard having a Mother that is one’s enemy. I have a wonderful life, and I really wish she would leave me alone My friend says that the “one that gets away” is the one that the Parent is always trying to engage for better or worse.
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2 Responses Dec 12, 2012

You will get over it. They die and we send hundreds of flowers and cry because we are so guilty for not sharing the love they have for us.

im so sorry, i give you so much credit for trying to involve you mom into your life after everything you have been through. after im 18 the only people i am keeping in contact with are my brothers.