She Cant Hadle It

well my dad who works far away from us so he is not with me by the moment send me money. so my mom went to take it out from the bank im like well my money? shes like im not giving it to you you can callyour dad idont care........well obviousy made me mad , but shes always like that only cares about money she says she dont have any when she has a bunch she just makes up excuses so my dad could give her more. Well anyways the money was mine and she got mad for giving me something that belonged to me my dad specialy gaved me that money for x - mas and my mom now hates me she said it to me she had once told me if she could go back intime she would of aborted me or put me in adoption she always finds a way to make me sad she calls me ugly and fat and told me I wouldnt make it inlife she told me to leave ... but I didnt cause im 14 idk were to go all I wish is to have my dad bavk honestly he is the only one who had always cared about me he for who I am I remember when I was little I use to tell him I wanted a new mom.
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wow thats is sad