Why Me?!

So me and my mom have never been alike and before the divorce of my parents i could truthfully say that i absolutely hated my mother. Now after the divorce, I guess I depend on her, and our relationship has improved, but my true hate that i have for her shows sometimes. She sexist towards women, even though she is one and always takes my brothers side, my brother definately gets away with plenty more than i did at that age. I was always a daddys little girl, but now that he left my family for another we no longer talk and that really upsets me. My brother had no real connection with my dad but i certainly did and i was for sure my dads favorite. Now after the divorce my mom keeps mentioning how much she feels bad for my brother because he doesnt have a dad, and etc. She always makes sure to include that i dont need my dad as much because sons and fathers have a certain bond and that i am not effeted by this divorce at all. I get pissed because my brother has my mom, while in turn i have noone because i hate my mom and i lost my dad. So today I am sick.... Ive been working a ot of hours the past three weeks plus school and homework.... so i am tired.... I stayed home today. my cndition has not improved but has gotten worse and my mom still draggedd me to my job to do physical work (Im a cleaning girl at a salon). While i had a fever and was lightheaded she did not let me sit or anything (she works at the same salon).... Now i am at home and before i was hoping to take tomorrow off as well.... But my mom made sure that, that is not going to happen, and now whle i should be resting i am going to be up probably until 1 am writing a paper that is due tomorrow..... I am so tired i am in tears... Why do i feel so alone! Why is this hapening to me.... Where is my dad and WHY ISNT HE HELPING ME!!!
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1 Response Dec 13, 2012

Put your foot down and don't let her bully you like that anymore! If you want to stay home, stay home, there is nothing she can do about it. She can yell, she can say terrible things, but what else can she do? And when she says things that get to you just try your best to ignore her. Maybe start thinking about something really nice, like something you're looking forward to, or a happy memory, when she starts annoying you, that way you can ignore her easier. Good luck!

thank you soooo much! i really appreciate it :)