Re: I Hate My Mother

She is abusive , calls me retarded teased my having dyslexia and I need help last year. When I was pregnant and she had me live out of my car. She has money she helps gay older brother. She screaming welfare at me. I ended up having a miscarriage anyway she told everyone. And my gay brother had wrote anchor baby since the guy was from Italy. Then her military husband won't let you even in the frig. He says I am a guest. I really want to like her
8sad 8sad
1 Response Dec 14, 2012

8sad, you have aheavenly father you can talk to, he is all powerful and wonderful and ready to bless your life, and lift you above what your mother has done, don't hate her, she probably don't even know what she is doing to you. but that is why god gave you his son, he supplies and fills hearts with his love.